Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finding the right furniture for a Coral Gables office

Coral Gables was designed with beauty in mind. The founders built it to reflect the wealth of the region with vast gardens and ornate architectural features. And as the rest of South Florida is seeing growth and interest from investors, this city is being affected as well.

This town has positioned itself as "a gateway to Latin America," as founder George Merrick once predicted. Now there are many consulates and international ties within its boundaries.

New developments

The Building on Ponce Circle is a new structure filled with 58,000 square feet of Class A office space. Like many buildings in the area, retail establishments, like Violeta Pasteleria, have leased space in this location. Other companies like First Bank Florida and Caliber Home Loans will fill the space too, according to Miami's Community Newspapers. This marks an 80 percent occupancy rate, which means a good outlook for the area's real estate market.

As new developments continue to be built in the area, companies filled with savvy entrepreneurs must fill the space. And in order to be productive each day, the entire team must have the right business furniture.

Office workstations

It's not a secret that technology has changed the way people do business. But while many things are virtual or completed online, people still need appropriate work surfaces. The modern desk is streamlined for efficiency. Additionally, many of the units are customizable so they can fit the needs of various departments. Some professionals might need a large amount of office space, while others would benefit more from a larger working surface. Study the needs of your environment to ensure you buy appropriate furniture.

Ergonomic chairs

It can't be said enough that ergonomic chairs are important for a strong foundation of a business. Employees aren't productive if they don't have a comfortable place to sit. Each seat needs to be adjustable and to conform to the posture of each user.


Many workstations have built-in storage, however, some companies need to keep a large amount of hard copies on file. When this is the case, buy appropriate filing cabinets. Take stock of what you need to store or what future projections will be. There are a range of styles from which to choose, including vertical and horizontal units. Be sure they are sturdy and of a good quality because they will be housing very important documents.

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