Friday, November 1, 2013

Furnishing new retail office space in Miami's Midtown neighborhood

Miami's commercial real estate market is seeing the rebound of the economy firsthand. In recent years, developers have flooded the area to build new retail properties in previously dormant areas. Namely, the city's Midtown neighborhood has seen an uptick in development, particularly by New York-based firms.

Midtown is near the coast and is surrounded by artsy districts. The influx of urban infrastructure has taken the form of big-box retailers with built-in residential elements. Additionally, the preference for suburban real estate is seeing a change with people choosing to moving back into urban districts. 

Retail office space that supports the new commercial entities must be furnished properly. In order for any office space to thrive, it needs to have a good layout with supporting materials. Here is what makes up smart office design:

There are many components that make up the administrative wing of a large-scale retail establishment. Hence, the furniture should be catered to each member of the team.

Customer service - Many large retailers have customer service bays in their offices. Office workstations are the best choice for these employees because they can fit numerous people in a small space. Additionally, each employee will have ample room to take calls, answer emails or chat with customers in person.

Managers - Managers run the operations of the retail establishment, yet they also have administrative work to complete. This can include entering in payroll numbers or requesting new merchandise. A contemporary workstation with filing cabinets will help keep things organized. Also, there should be ergonomic seating and a task chair for guests.

Regional director - Regional managers oversee multiple offices in a city or state, but they need a place to work when not on the road. A large traditional desk with matching storage would be best for this workload. Additionally, an ergonomic chair is needed to provided comfort.

Other types of furniture

When an office is located in a city center, it's often the destination for quarterly, budgetary and other types of meetings. It's necessary to dedicate an entire room to host these conferences. A large table with plush chairs is the foundation of the room. However, it's important to have a wide monitor, microphones and a web-enabled camera to facilitate meetings with people across the country as well.

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