Saturday, November 9, 2013

Office design for the modern hotel and travel company

The skyline in Miami's Midtown district is becoming more crowded as businesses construct new buildings. From business headquarters to mega malls to hotels, new skyscrapers are popping up like daisies. When it comes to the hotel and travel industry, Arquitectonica has revealed the first of its renderings for a new Midtown hotel. According to Curbed Miami, the building features a geometric design with balconies that coat the outside like stacked sticks. The facade has a look of a jigsaw puzzle fitting together. 

When the building is added to the Miami skyline, it is sure to get a lot of attention. The fact that yet another building is being designed in the hotel and travel industry just goes to show that business is booming. In fact, Travel Weekly called Miami a "hotel boomtown." Now is the time to invest in the industry. If your business is already located in Miami it may be a good time for upgrades. One way to keep your office contemporary is to choose the proper furniture. Here's a look at how to keep your travel or hotel business competitive in this market. 


Start an office renovation with the reception desk. As hotel and travel is a service industry, your office should tell those coming in that you are here to wait on them. Clients coming in to seek your aid in their travel endeavors will be more likely to stay for your services if they feel welcome. Choose a sleek modern design to show you are ahead in the industry.


Next pick chairs for a waiting area. They should look inviting. Hotel and travel is selling a life of ease. Whether you make customers feel at home away from home or help their next trip go smoothly, let the relaxing start here. While you're looking for seating options, don't forget to get your receptionist an ergonomic chair. This comfortable seat will have him or her thanking you later. 

Don't forget to have water available nearby so that guests can grab a drink. A coffee or tea station is another way to make them feel at home and at ease. 


Now that your clients can see you are there to serve, it's time to take care of your own. Office cubicles in a traditional layout will give your employees a chance to talk in private with clients. However, in the competitive world of hotel and travel, you may want to show your modern side through your furniture instead. Choose office workstations that don't cut the room into sections. This will allow natural light to flow through the space. 

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