Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Outfitting your office space in Miami's global downtown marketplace

Miami's downtown redevelopment project has positioned itself as a destination for international business dealings. Touted as "the new global city" by the Wall Street Journal, the area spans the Central Business District, Brickell and the Arts and Entertainment District. 

The proof that this area is a hub for global business is apparent in its demographics. Downtown Miami is home to 60 international banks, 26 foreign trade offices and 29 consulates, according to Miami Development Authority. The main industry in this area is finance and banking dealing with Latin American entities. Additionally, many overseas companies have set up U.S. branches in Miami rather than New York City.

The office space housing all this business encompasses 18 million square feet of Class A and B areas. A total of 900,000 square feet in the development is new. If your company is moving operations to this vibrant city, outfit the space with appropriate furniture.

Streamlined workstations

To match the bright mood of an office located in Miami, purchase light-colored furniture. Oak office workstations look great with a pop of color, which some of these desks feature. If you opt for a more traditional look, cherry wood elicits a refined and polished vibe.

Ergonomic chairs

The importance of ergonomic chairs can't be stressed enough. With a large portion of employees completing the bulk of their work from behind a desk, it's important to provide comfortable seats for them. Ergonomic chairs have adjustable heights, head rests or back rests. This allows each seat to conform to the user and help limit back strains and other workplace injuries. 

Lounge area

Global business is all about networking and collaborating. Set up a lounge to meet business partners. This is a less formal setting than a traditional conference room. Choose contemporary furniture if you want to convey a modern aesthetic. Or you can opt for traditional, yet classic, seating and chairs. You can meet each client here with light refreshments to get preliminary conversations underway.

Conference room

Depending on your business operations, you may need more than one type of meeting room. Sort them by size. Create a large board room-type setup where everyone can get together for quarterly meetings and presentations. Buy a long table seating 12 people or more in this area. The medium-sized meeting room can serve as a place for managers to meet monthly with their teams. A 6- to 8-person conference table is suitable for this type of use.

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