Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Designing the call center space in your office

Designing a call center for your new office can be a challenge. A common mistake made during this planning stage is thinking that the amount of floor space you have is the only factor that matters. However, planning your call center around the comfort of your employees could improve the way your workers look at their jobs and reduce turnover. This in turn can mean increased productivity and cut costs on training new hires. You can transform even the most basic space into a fully functional call center with custom office workstations by following these simple tips.

Maximizing space

Look at the floor plan of your office and try to think of an arrangement that makes the most of the space. Try to identify how much space your agents would like to have, and see how possible meeting those demands would be. Employees handling paper or answering phone calls will require space to move around. Imagine the kind of office cubicles you might want to use and how their design will fit in the overall plan of your call center. Think about creating a space for training and adding that to the floorplan so you won't have to work in room for new hires later.


Along with maximizing space, think how the center will flow in terms of employee movement in and around the office. Efficient flow can mean removing a dead end that causes employees to turn around. While 20 or 30 seconds not seem like much, multiply that by the number of employees you have over an extended period of time, and those 30 seconds can cost you hours of productivity. 

Essential call center needs

Before you start installing your custom office workstations, think about the electrical needs of your center. Do you have enough outlets to safely accommodate all of your necessary equipment? Will you drop your office's power through the ceiling or from the floor? What kind of equipment will each representative have on his or her desk? The comfort of your employees should be a priority when considering the needs of your call center. Using ergonomic chairs is a good investment that will keep employee productivity high. These are all important questions to answer first before you settle in. If you absolutely have to begin installing your cubicles and equipment, err on the side of caution and plan on using more electricity. 

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