Friday, December 13, 2013

Designing a modern Miami law firm

According to The Real Deal, the law firm Shutts & Bowen has just signed on to occupy an office space in Miami's Southeast Financial Center. The 15-year lease takes effect November 2015. The office space includes almost 70,000 square feet in three floors.

Law firm office designs are changing with the times. According to the Los Angeles chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators' Leadership Exchange Magazine, the secretary to lawyer ratio has increased and technology is making things more automated. Additionally, lawyers are becoming more mobile and working in teams more often.


Legal firms are also implementing additional branding into their company. While this needs to be maintained through public channels, company culture should be consistent throughout the firm. Incorporating logos and chosen color schemes through the walls and conference areas helps foster a more engaging workplace and helps employees feel like they are part of a team.


Ergonomic offices are another component of modern legal workplaces. Because lots of time is being spent behind the computer, there is a bigger push for comfortable ergonomic chairs that adjust. 


According to the source, areas with a high-density of law firms are seeking to share facilities. In some cases, conference rooms and mock courtrooms are being used by multiple practices. 

Open environment

Law firms that choose to work in teams can benefit from an open layout. While partners and other people in leadership roles have their own office, the rest of the workforce can work in a more communal environment.

Supporting furniture

Office workstations - Benching workstations are the most practical option for open floor plans. These desks are usually connected in groups of two or four desks, though the workstations can also be made into long rectangular tables with small nooks for each employee. These workstations are suitable for administrative staff members. If more space is needed, opt for the smaller grouping of desks. Many of these models have built in storage and shelving, which helps boost efficiency.


There is a variety of standalone filing cabinets for extra storage needs. Choose from high-density cabinets, bookcases and other storage units.

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