Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finding the right office furniture for a South Beach Hotel

Developers continue to expand their footprint in South Florida, a fact made apparent by Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant's plans for a new hotel. The project, announced in late November, sees the company acquire the Angler boutique, with plans to add another tower in the coming years. In 2014 an additional 83 rooms will be built, resulting in a total of 131 suites in the hotel. Additionally, the plans include a new lobby modeled after a living room, as well as a rooftop pool.

"South Florida has been an especially integral part of Kimpton's growth story over the last five years as a market with high demand among our most loyal guests. We look forward to continuing our success here," Mike Depatie, CEO and president of Kimpton, said in a statement.

Hotel furniture

While it's important to find the right bedding and lounge seating for a hotel suite, the office area is becoming an integral part of the room as well. Even though the coastal city is home to numerous beaches and a tropical climate, it is also a bustling business center. Outfitting each room with ample space for hotel guests and business professionals to finish their work will help fill the needs of the clientele.

Contemporary work stations - These modern desk styles are perfect for hotel chains. They can be customized to fill a variety of room sizes, while each still offering ample work space.

Ergonomic desks - Business professionals spend many hours at their desks, so be sure they have a comfortable space to sit. This can be accomplished with an ergonomic chair. The units have adjustable back and neck rests, thus allowing guests to sit comfortably. These seats are used in office environments around the country, and are touted as providing a comfortable sitting environment that limits strains in the neck and back.

Conference rooms - It's vital for hotels in metropolises like Miami to have conference rooms. Each should be a different size to offer personalized options to clients. Conference tables are available in a range of lengths, from those that offer enough room to seat a small group to tables that fill the room. It's important to fill space with professional-grade executive chairs. This helps accentuate the quality of service offered at the hotel. Modern meeting rooms are also typically equipped with the latest technology. Be sure you have a large flat screen display, video chatting capabilities and a table that supports additional items.

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