Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mixed-use building planned for Wynwood

The development interest in Wynwood continues to build, as new investors flock to the artsy Miami neighborhood. According exMiami, plans for a mixed-use building called Wynwood Central were recently released.

Shawn Chemtov and Marc Kovens are building the structure, which will feature eight floors of office, residential and retail space. Additionally, more than 400 parking spots are included in the plan, as well as an outside courtyard.

This new building is planned in a vibrant Miami neighborhood. Wynwood originated as a garment district and now serves as home for one of the world's largest open-air art galleries. Additionally, the area is known for a variety of trendy restaurants, bars and other creative establishments.

If you are looking to move your operations to this part of town, it's important to fit the space to your brand culture and the arty vibe of the neighborhood. To do so, design a custom office to bring personality and style into the space.

Open layout

In a neighborhood filled with open layouts, it's suitable to mimic the look in your space. Instead of cubicle desks, opt for office workstations that allow for collaboration. Teamwork drives innovation, so be sure your business furniture supports productive work.

Conference room - For a truly custom space, install glass walls in your conference room. People will feel less confined in the area and ideas will be able to flow more freely.


Bring vibrant colors into the office. Don't settle for white, gray or beige walls when colorful hues help people feel energized. You can also add color by picking a space with numerous large windows. This takes advantages of the city's wealth of natural hues from the greenery of the trees to the blue ocean views.

Wall art

Create an even more interesting environment with wall art. You can fill the space with colorful depictions of your brand's logo and company signage. You might also want to include professional photographs or other framed forms of art. Consider adding sculptures or even murals to the space.


You can brighten up your office with plants. Choose tall leafy options to place near filing cabinets, and if your budget allows for it, include a personal potted flower or plant in each custom office workstation.

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