Monday, December 30, 2013

New bank to open in Brickell

Brickell is a Miami neighborhood located on the coastline of the Southern Florida city. It's also adjacent to the downtown area, which makes it a desirable place for business-minded people to setup shop. According to the South Florida Business Journal, the Brazilian entity Safra National Bank of New York will be opening a Brickell office, which will be its second branch in Florida. 

Brickell is a banking mecca with at least 53 domestic, international and large private wealth bank offices and branches within its confines.

Banking office equipment

Office workstations - Banks often have open floor plans on their sales floor. Benching desks are a suitable option for new establishments. They help save space because they allow people to work closely together yet they still have enough room to complete tasks efficiently.

Ergonomic chair - Bankers sit for long periods of time so it's important for each of them to have an ergonomic chair. These seats have movable back rests that conform to the posture of the user. Additionally, the height is adjustable and helps people sit at the computer comfortably, which can also limit workplace injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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