Thursday, December 5, 2013

Office design to support your employee's well-being

There has been a boatload of new development in Miami and its submarkets. Whether your office is located in the Design District, South Beach, Wynwood, Coral Gables or another area near this coastal city, you'll need the right environment to support your workforce.

A variety of factors can influence the well-being of your employees, which, in turn, can impact productivity. According to the South Florida Business Journal, not addressing the mental health of workers can deter the company's growth.


The majority of jobs are stressful, which is a fact that is hard to overcome. However, management can help lighten the load by designing a supportive workplace.

"Creating tranquil places to concentrate, especially in open-office environments, allow staff to choose their engagement level without losing the benefits of collaborative opportunities," according to the source.

Mobile workers

Many offices allow employees to complete part or all of their work from home. This is beneficial because it allows greater flexibility. However, the downside is that these "teleworkers" can feel segregated from their coworkers and company. So when a home-based employee's work needs to be done in the office itself, be sure to have a quality desk and chair on hand that is near their co-workers.


When an employee has his or her head buried in a computer all day, isolation could be a problem. Avoid this issue with an office layout that supports daily interaction. Choose cubicles with low partitions, so people don't feel confined and can easily converse. Additionally, consider outfitting private offices and conference rooms with glass walls. A transparent company culture is good for morale.


There are certain things everybody needs to stay healthy and full of energy. While food is an obvious necessity, exercise is important as well. It may seem like a luxury to offer employees a fitness area, but supporting their healthy lifestyles can actually help reduce depression and absenteeism, according to the South Florida Business Journal. So send out a memo to gauge everyone's interest and consider adding a workout center for the staff. Windows that let in steady amounts of sunlight can boost spirits, as well. Many people need to have some type of interaction with greenery and the sun to stay motivated.

Office workstations

Modern business furniture provides offices so many options to improve a worker's day. For an open floor plan, consider streamline desks without partitions. These units are great for employee communication. However, if your company's model is based on independent work, opt for modern cubicles that have ample storage and counter space.

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