Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Outfitting your downtown Miami home with office furniture

As 2013 near its end, Miami's residential market has strengthened. According to Bilzin Sumberg's New Miami Blog, there are much fewer resale properties available compared to five years ago. The figure of 41,000 residential properties available in South Florida dropped to 14,400 in mid-November of this year.

According to the source, New York investors are driving the boom, as has an influx of foreign buyers paying in cash. Previous domestic buyers in the New York area have moved to Miami to stay away from New York's price hikes. There are also many new developments springing up, including 41 new towers. This result in 12,000 new residential units being created in the downtown area alone in the coming years.

With the wave of residential units being built in the area, business-minded people will likely need an in-home office to conform to the times. Many companies are allowing workers to complete part or all of their work from home. Even if this is not the case, many people take overflows of assignments home with them, so it's important to have a suitable working space to be sure the work is completed efficiently.

Used office furniture

Second hand office furniture is a great option for residential buyers. When these desks and chairs are sourced from a reputable dealer, the quality is comparable to newer units. They also offer a cost-effective solution for people looking to save money.

Contemporary workstation

Seek out workstations that will match the decor of your home. If you have an entire room you can dedicate to an office you'll have enough space to purchase a large executive style desk with a storage hutch. If you have a smaller space, opt for a L-shaped desk that can fit in a small corner.

Ergonomic chairs

There is a variety of second hand office chairs available as well. It's important to make your chair decision based on comfort as well as style preference. First choose a range of chairs that can be adjusted for the height and posture of the user, then narrow down your choices from there. You can select a chair with advanced ergonomic features like a head rest and segmented back rest.


People who work from home need storage solutions too. So be sure to equip your workspace with filing cabinets. If you have limited square footage opt for vertical cabinets.

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