Thursday, December 19, 2013

Retail development may expand outside urban centers

The increasing demand for new retailers in Miami is pushing new developments beyond mainstream urban districts.

According to the Miami Herald, the city has an Urban Development Boundary that limits construction beyond the western and southern areas of the county. However, the owners of Aventura Mall and the Fontainebleau hotel have proposed building a new shopping location, complete with an IMAX theater and five-acre water park. Supporters of the project believe Doral and Northwest Miami-Dade residents would benefit from a family-friendly entertainment venue of its kind.

Equipping commercial retailers with business furniture

Some people may not think commercial retailers need appropriate office furniture, however there is tons of work going on behind the scenes of the sales floor.

Businesses differ, so the type of furniture that is needed will vary between each one. However, there are some overlapping principles when equipping a space with office workstations. Each desk whether it be a benching workstation, cubicle or traditional desk needs an ergonomic chair. This seat not only provides a comfortable surface for users, it helps limit workplace strains because the height and back rest adjusts to conform to the posture of the employee.

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