Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Which office workstations are best for Miami's bustling art community?

The Art Basel event that wrapped up in Miami beach on Dec. 8 was an international showcase of art with participation from more than 250 leading galleries.

"We were delighted to see the strong interest of European and American collectors in Latin American artists," Livia Benavides, a gallery owner, said in a statement. "Art Basel in Miami Beach is the meeting point for all art professionals, especially those from Latin America."

In addition to the art deco architecture and museums found along Miami's sandy shore, the coastal town also has many cultural neighborhoods. The Design District is home to innovative fashion, design and art houses, making it one of Miami's most creative areas. Another popular neighborhood, Wynwood, has 70 art galleries as well as retail and nightlife establishments.

If you are a new entrepreneur hoping to move into this vibrant city, or a local looking to outfit your gallery with new office equipment, keep these tips in mind:

Creatives spaces need collaboration

Most galleries keep their furniture to a minimum and opt for open floor plans when possible, so there are a variety of office workstations from which to choose, to support this type of business.

Conference tables - It's important to have a large conference table with ample seating for each employee. This will be a place for everyone to gather and brainstorm ideas for a new showcase or marketing endeavors.

Custom office workstation - Because this work is so unique, it might be best to design your own custom office. Choose streamlined workstations for your administrative professionals and a traditional desk for the curator and others in a leadership role.

Ergonomic chairs - Each desk must have comfortable seating. This can easily be achieved with plush ergonomic chairs. These units have adjustable back and neck rests that have been proven to reduce the risk of workplace strains caused by sitting for long periods of time. 

Technology support - Many art galleries are adopting the latest forms of technology and the workplace must be able to support this. Be sure to outfit your space with computer arms for monitor displays or mobile carts for easy front-of-the-house sales. The use of this technology means many files can be stored on external backup hard drives, but when you need hard paper copies, be sure you have suitable filing cabinets as well.

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