Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to choose the best ergonomic chair

Selecting the right ergonomic chair for a home office is an important step when establishing a room's mood. The right chair also encourages proper posture, alleviating back and neck pain, making it one of the most important pieces of business furniture an individual can buy. Keep reading to find out a few things to consider when buying an ergonomic chair.
Consider size

Ergonomic chairs don't have to be huge and bulky to be supportive, and if a room is on the smaller side, there's no need to feel crowded. Plenty of ergonomic chairs promote back and neck health while still appearing sleek and stylish.
One can purchase a slim chair that will easily fit beneath a desk or in the corner of a home office.
Physical focus

Every person has his or her own sets of aches and pains, so when selecting an office chair, focus on what most needs to be improved. For example, lumbar pain is extremely common.
If an individual experiences chronic lumbar pain after sitting at a desk all day, he or she should look into chairs that specifically aim to support the back. The right chair can make all the difference to someone who suffers from back pain.

Ergonomic chairs don't have to be exorbitantly expensive to be comfortable - check out used office furniture to find a deal.
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Office furniture tips for call centers

Choosing the right business furniture for a call center can make a huge difference in terms of employee productivity and health. It's important to focus on selecting quality pieces that will stand the test of time and improve company practices. Keep reading for tips on how to select the right office furniture.


Call center employees will spend most of their day at their desk. Office cubicles are extremely popular at all types of companies, including call centers. They designate a distraction-free space, and add a certain level of privacy that many employees enjoy. 

Just because someone spends much of their time on the phone, however, doesn't mean they should have a tiny desk. It's a common mistake for managers to select small workspaces for their staff. Smaller cubicles may be less expensive, but larger desks and a greater amount of personal space create a better environment for callers. High turnover rates affect many call centers - giving each person enough personal space can cut down on these losses.

Another way to foster a healthy office environment is to encourage workers to customize their workstations. Placing pictures of family or bringing in colorful accessories such as pencil cups and organizational tools can make a worker feel more comfortable, increasing happiness and company morale.


Most call centers require that workers sit for the large majority of the workday. This can easily cause back and neck strain and decrease comfort throughout the day. To avoid workplace aches and pains, managers should invest in quality ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to support the back and neck. These chairs are worthwhile investments for a call center, as they can cut down on doctor visits, sick days and general discomfort. When staff members are comfortable in their seats, they will have to take fewer breaks and will be free of distracting pains. 

If owners and managers think that ergonomic chairs are too pricey, they can invest in second hand office chairs. These seating options reduce costs while still providing comfort for callers. When purchased from credible vendors, used and discount office furniture can look brand new without having to spend a fortune.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Benefits of ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs have become extremely popular at many offices. For those who  are considering skipping on costs, it's important to remember that these seating options are about more than just style. Ergonomic chairs provide support for the neck and back, and can improve employee productivity. Keep reading to find a few benefits of investing in ergonomic chairs.

Employee health

Poor posture can bring about a multitude of health problems including neck strain, poor circulation and long-term spinal damage. 

Ergonomic chairs encourage proper posture, and thus overall employee health. They are built with the human body in mind - the curves in a chair are not just there for looks. High-quality ergonomic chairs support the lumbar area of the back, creating a comfortable workspace that promotes good posture. 

Lumbar support curves fit into the lower back, which makes the user instinctively sit up straight with their shoulders back. This position increases blood flow and reduces aches and pains that often accompany long hours at the office.

By making workers more comfortable, they will likely be able to work without pain. This may help increase productivity and improve overall happiness.

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Furniture for every type of office

Every office is different. Some use cubicles, others are small, spacious or focused on creativity. Because each space has so many unique characteristics, it is an understandably difficult task to select the right kind of office furniture. Keep reading to find a few tips on how to choose the best furniture for every space.

Small offices

There's no need to stress over fitting pieces of furniture into a small office. Instead of fretting over the issue, it's a great idea to search both new and used office furniture to find the right desks and chairs for any type of company. 

Desks that make the most of a space are hardly rare, and L-shaped desks are a great option. These fit into corners without taking up large amounts of room and make the most of a small office. Many of these desks come with built-in shelves and several drawers, so using this type of furniture truly utilizes every inch of an area. Placing a desk along a wall or facing a window frees up the rest of a small space with ease.

When people think about ergonomic chairs, often they picture large seating options that take up plenty of room. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Many work chairs easily fit beneath desks and have a sleek design while still supporting the back and neck.

In a small home office, sometimes overhead lighting just won't cut it. There are many lighting choices that are stylish and highly functional without taking up too much room. Desk lamps can illuminate a space and even clip on to a desk, keeping them out of the way from important tasks when they are not being used. 

Large offices

Having a big space to work with allows for a wide array of options. For example, one can choose large desks or office cubicles, which often take up a significant amount of space. If an executive or manager would rather opt for a desk in the middle of the room, they are free to do so. They can choose to incorporate custom workstations and even separate bookshelves to stay organized.

Many filing cabinets and shelves are attractive, allowing an individual to create a cohesive theme throughout the office. Someone with a large home work area can choose to develop an all-wood theme, or go with more modern options that incorporate metal and glass, developing an individualized and stylish environment.

In spacious offices, one can even include side tables and chairs for guests or offer a different area in which to work. Using these extra pieces can allow someone to switch up a routine and clear his or her mind. 

Impressive leather office chairs are perfect for big spaces. They convey power and are built to be sturdy and last for years. What's also great is that they don't have to be overly expensive. Executives and managers can find used office furniture at competitive, budget-friendly prices. 

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Simple office designs for any workplace

Office landscapes don't have to be complex to be effective and stylish. For some, these designs create clutter and stress. Instead, one can try designs that encourage a productive and calm workplace. Keep reading to find out how to design a simple yet effective office landscape.

Go modern

Minimalist business furniture is modern and sleek, reducing clutter and promoting organization. Ergonomic chairs are a great place to start when selecting modern furniture. High-quality chairs use the best in health advancements to prevent back and neck injuries. Outdated chairs can cause aches and pains and send workers to the doctor more often. Ergonomic chairs not only promote health, but also encourage productivity. When a worker can comfortably spend hours each day in one spot, they are much more likely to produce better work.

If a company manager feels that these seating options are a bit pricey, they can opt for used business furniture. These secondhand pieces are impressive yet practical - they look and feel new, but are sold at an affordable, discounted price. When ordering used furniture from a reputable source, secondhand office chairs can be purchased without breaking the bank.

In that same vein, modern office workstations are great for small or large offices looking to improve efficiency and cut down on disorder. Each employee can customize his or her personal space with pictures or organizational tools such as hanging shelves and lamps.

There are many modern conference tables available as well. Glass and metal tables fit in with contemporary designs and provide an impressive place to hold meetings and presentations with clients. Modern conference tables are perfect for new businesses, as they present a company's overall image and method of doing business. 

Minimalist designs are perfect for expanding companies that are cramped in their current offices. Modern furniture makes the most of a space without taking up much room and creates a clean and calm environment for everyone who walks in.

Simplify the process

When selecting business furniture, complex design plans are not always the way to go. If a company is short on time and needs to quickly develop a cohesive color or design scheme, desks with built-in shelves are ideal. There are many options to choose from, whether an office manager is choosing new or used office furniture.

Many desks are equipped with shelving units, designated filing areas and plenty of drawer space to keep even the busiest employee organized. An added benefit is that vertical shelving and clip-on lamps will not take up any extra horizontal space, making these desks a great investment. 

Of course, more traditional furniture is also a great option. Office cubicles can straighten out a landscape, as they designate a specific space for each worker. Metal filing cabinets are an effective way to keep important papers and documents organized, reducing clutter in any workspace. 

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Health and fitness at the office

With the right business furniture and a few exercises each day, employees can stay healthy and fit with ease. Many people spend more than eight hours at their desks every day, so it's important to create an environment and routine that are conducive to health. Keep reading for a few tips on how to stay healthy at work.

Sit right

Most people stay seated at their desks for a large part of the day. Outside of coffee and lunch breaks, the majority of office employees spend their workdays sitting down and facing a computer. That's why it's important to invest in proper seating. Ergonomic chairs are vital to health - a good chair can prevent back and neck problems, encourage proper posture and cut down on doctor visits.

Stay hydrated

An easy way to improve health is to drink more water. Water detoxifies the human body and helps improve physical and mental performance. Keeping a water bottle at an office cubicle or workstation makes it easy to remember to drink consistently throughout the day. 

Get up and stretch

Even with the best chairs and plenty of water, it's natural to get a little stiff when sitting down for hours each day. When sitting at an office workstation, one can take a few minutes and do some simple stretches.

Neck and eye strain are common complaints for office workers, and chin tucks are a great remedy for this. Simply tilt the head forward, touching chin to chest, and hold for a few moments. This will provide relief for stiff necks and make working easier.

Another great way to maintain fitness at work is to build in walking breaks. Every hour or so, workers should take a minute to walk around the office or take a lap around the block outside. This will boost circulation and relieve aches and pains.

Keep clean

When cold and flu season comes around, it becomes especially important to stay clean. To ward off sickness, workers should wash their hands frequently. This will prevent their own illnesses as well as promote health around the office. 

Employees can also take the time to clean off their desks to improve their health.Disinfecting wipes can be used to clean keyboards, desk surfaces, computer screens and telephones, cutting down bacteria levels on the most common surfaces. 

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Office furniture design for startup companies

Designing an office landscape is an integral part of starting a new company. Buying new chairs, desks and cubicles is exciting, but can also be expensive. Discount office furniture and secondhand pieces are ideal for new companies that need to furnish a space without spending tons of money. Read on for tips on how to furnish a new startup company headquarters.

Create a budget

Before purchasing expensive furniture, company owners should sit down and establish some financial guidelines. Although the image of a huge office space filled with expensive artwork and designer furniture may seem appealing, it may not be realistic.

Instead, a budget and timeline should be created. What percentage of a monthly budget can be spent on office design to begin with? Startup owners and managers should work within these guidelines and make smart decisions from there.

Invest in ergonomic chairs

There are some things you can skimp on to save costs, but investing in ergonomic chairs will be worth every penny. Ergonomic chairs bring a sleek and modern feel to any business, and provide excellent back and neck support for employees.

Companies don't need to spend a fortune, either. Secondhand office chairs from reputable sellers come in great condition and will feel brand new. 

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3 tips to creating the perfect office landscape

Modern, vintage, classic or bright - there are many different options to choose from when designing an office landscape. No matter the design, employees must be relaxed and prepared to do work each day without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. Keep reading for tips on how to create the perfect office landscape

Consider function

Above all, an office landscape must be functional, so it's important to consider what the primary uses of the area will be. Will clients be in and out of the space frequently, or will the area serve as a personal refuge away from the rest of the world? If the answer is the former, then plenty of seating will be required. 

Side chairs and tables can be added to an office to provide seating for guests and colleagues. If someone will be sitting at a desk for long hours each day, ergonomic chairs should be purchased to make work more comfortable. Ergonomic chairs are functional and sleek, and save individuals from back and neck problems

Maximize space

Even small offices can be impressive with the right design. For those working with a small room, maximizing space can be transformative and make an office feel like home. Purchasing an office workstation or desk with built-in shelves can keep books and files out of the way, easily reducing clutter. 

Filing cabinets and bookshelves are ideal for maximizing space - they hide away documents and binders and get them up off the floor and in their proper place. Bulletin boards and dry-erase boards also help individuals stay organized without taking up additional room.

Invest in lighting and technology

Productivity is heavily reliant on proper lighting and comfort at work. Fluorescent lights are extremely popular, but if an individual is looking for alternative, softer lighting, small desk lamps or standing lamps are ideal. They can bring in extra flair to office cubicles and home workstations alike, without taking up too much space.

Wall lighting options such as sconces or pendant lights add elegance without taking up valuable room. There are affordable, DIY options for those on a budget, too, making these elements easy to incorporate. 

Workstations must also have the proper technology available to carry out daily tasks. Rather than using bulky computers and phones, one may opt to use sleeker designs including phone headsets or tablets, depending on the work that must be done. 

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Create a welcoming office landscape

Business furniture can do more than just provide a place to sit and work each day - the right furniture can make an office landscape friendly and welcoming. It is important to have a welcoming office environment so employees feel relaxed and comfortable. It can also ensure visitors feel calm in the setting. Keep reading for tips on how to create a welcoming office landscape.

Lounge seating

One of the best and most effective ways to improve an office landscape is to incorporate lounge seating into a design plan. Lounge seating can be placed in office reception areas to put clients at ease when they enter the premises. Leather club chairs and sofas bring style and comfort to any office space. They can be affordable, too - used office furniture can be stylish and look expensive, without costing a fortune. 


Hanging artwork on the walls of an office can transform the space from stuffy to serene quickly and easily. These extra touches bring warmth to any setting and are inviting to everyone who comes by the office.

Plants can be placed near side chairs and tables to add some more flair. There are many plants that are easy to care for, and when they are in bloom, these plants will bring in color and character to even the plainest environments.  

Another easy and affordable solution to creating a welcoming office is to provide beverages and snacks for everyone who comes by. This doesn't have to be anything fancy - a bowl of candy, free coffee and water will do the trick and make people feel more welcome every day. Placing the office water cooler or coffee machine in an open area where workers can interact with their colleagues on a personal level will likely raise the level of office discourse and employee satisfaction.

Office workstations

Nothing makes employees feel more welcome and relaxed than allowing them to customize their office workstations. When workers are allowed to bring in photos of family members, their own decorative accessories or organizational tools, they will feel encouraged to express themselves and will feel more comfortable at work. 

Encourage staff members to decorate their office cubicles or desks. As a result,  motivation may increase as the office environment becomes more positive.

Clients can gauge this level of comfort, too. Upon entering, if they are shown a cozy reception area with cushy seating and see smiling employees who feel comfortable at their desks, clients are bound to feel welcome, too. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Design a home office with inexpensive office furniture

Office furniture doesn't have to be expensive, and designing, repurposing or setting up a home office can be fun and affordable. With a bit of creativity and the right resources, setting up a stylish office landscape will be just a few steps away. Keep reading for tips on how to decorate a home office without breaking the bank.

Go secondhand

Discount office furniture is a great place to start when designing a home office. Reputable sources for secondhand business furniture provide everything from filing cabinets to chairs and desks. A great variety is available, and it doesn't have to be in rough shape either. 

Secondhand office furniture is growing in popularity because of the low prices and a wider selection than what was previously available. There are great selections of secondhand pieces that won't feel or look like they've been used in the past - they'll look fantastic, and come at reasonable prices. No one will even have to know that the furniture is used.

Use what's around

One of the best ways to save money is to supplement purchases with things that are available around the house, in the garage or attic. Bringing creativity to office design is what will make a space feel customized and unique. One of the most effective ways to transform a space is through painting, and this idea doesn't have to apply to just walls. 

Old wooden chairs can be painted to sit in the corner of an office, as can small tables and flower pots. Choosing a color scheme and using paint to repurpose objects around the house is an inexpensive and easy way to create a cohesive design plan. 

Customize it

Once secondhand office chairs, desks and tables are in place, customizing a workspace is easy. What sets an exciting and beautiful office apart from boring designs are the extra details. Decorating a desk with plants, pictures and artwork that cater to individual tastes is perfect for customizing any space.

Another way to keep things budget-friendly is to visit thrift stores. Small items such as clocks, vases, wooden boxes and vintage books can be purchased for just a few dollars at many secondhand shops. These can be placed around an office to add an extra touch of individuality to a space. Thrift store purchases are unique, helping to make a space individual and beautiful.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Office furniture for executives and CEOs

The right office furniture is about more than just function. Properly selected desks and chairs in an executive's office can convey a sense of power, stability or creativity. Keep reading for tips on how to select the best office furniture and decor for an executive or CEO's office. 

Selecting a chair

This is not only where a CEO will be spending much of his or her time, but it is also a singular piece of furniture that offers employees and clients insight into the life of an executive. CEOs can select comfortable and practical ergonomic chairs that reflect their tastes and leadership style. A mogul at a well-established company might prefer a strong, elevated seating option that conveys strength and a sense of authority. 

An executive at a young, start-up tech company may want to project a different image. Sleek and modern ergonomic chairs are great choices for CEOs, and will impress a tech-savvy, contemporary client base.

Choosing the right desk

The right office workstation can affect productivity and motivation. Sturdy wooden desks are perfect for CEOs and executives. They are classic and communicate a seriousness that other desks may not, and the polished surfaces show clients that executives care about presentation, an integral element to successful business practices. In conjunction with the right design throughout the office, large wooden desks can impart a sense of history and tradition upon any client or employee.

Executives can select large desks to keep documents, books and other items in place without causing any clutter. Many workstations come with attached shelves for storing binders, files or anything else a CEO may require. These types of desks are highly functional, as they keep everything a CEO might need right at his or her fingertips. 

Alternately, an executive at a company with very little paperwork might opt for a minimalist design. Simplistic desks free of extra drawers will help keep clutter to a minimum. Glass and metal accents look sleek and clean, and contribute to a positive and modern work environment.

Considering the space

For more intimate meetings, it is important that executives have proper seating and tables available for clients that come directly into their office. Executives can design offices to utilize the natural light and space that they have and can create corners for small meetings. 

Some may opt to place a small round table near a window surrounded by a few side chairs. With natural light pouring in, a few plants nearby and some artwork on the walls, CEOs can hold important or casual meetings without interruption.

Lamps can also help brighten up an office landscape. When fluorescent lights begin to seem harsh, CEOs can use standing lamps or desk lamps to softly illuminate their work. After all, executives will be spending large portions of their days at the office, and may often work well into the night. That's why it's important that these top employers feel comfortable in their office any time of day. 

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Modern office furniture that will impress clients

Modern office furniture is sure to attract attention from every client who walks through a company's doors. Office furniture sets the tone for a company and affects perception of just how a business operates. From the reception area to the CEO's office, contemporary furniture also modernizes a company. Keep reading to find the key pieces of furniture to use in a modern office. 


The first thing people see upon entering an office is the reception area. This space sets the tone of the office - from the desk to the chairs and artwork hanging on the walls, if reception impresses a client, meetings are bound to get off to a great start. 

What will strike clients first is a modern desk. Traditional, all-wood desks may look nice, but if a modern feel is what a company is looking for, metal or glass accents will do the trick. An office workstation with a wooden desk top, metal legs and a sleek design will work wonderfully. Similarly, glass desks and tables in a reception area will brighten up dull spaces and send the message that a company keeps up with the times and is ready to modernize their business practices.

Conference rooms and tables

The heart of client interaction, conference rooms affect the mood of meetings and make a lasting impression. Creating a modern space where computerized presentations and conference calls take place will impress clients and make them feel that they are in business with individuals who aren't afraid to drive forward into the future.

Wide glass conference tables or round, brightly polished surfaces will illuminate spaces and help develop the character of any type of business. 


One of the easiest ways to update an office is to invest in ergonomic chairs. These seating options look fantastic and also save employees from back, neck and wrist problems. High-quality chairs show workers that management cares about their health and well being, and demonstrates to clients that a company understands the dynamic relationship between fashion and function.

Ergonomic chairs can be placed at reception as well as in conference rooms to make clients comfortable as they interact with salespeople, managers or CEOs.

Color schemes and artwork

Each of these pieces of furniture will help modernize a company and give it extra aesthetic appeal, but a fully developed design scheme will incorporate each of these pieces with a cohesive color plan and artwork. For example, a company can select a white reception table and a red ergonomic chair for the receptionist to sit in. This color scheme can then be carried over into the conference room, where red chairs are again incorporated.

Or, if a metallic or silver color scheme is being used, artwork can be hung on the walls in silver frames. Each of these elements may seem small on their own, but when furniture and design come together, a modern office will impress all types of clients.

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Office design for creative workspaces

Developing a creative custom office workstation can be tough. On the one hand, it should be unique and inspiring, but on the other hand, it still must be functional and conducive to long hours. Below are a few tips on how to develop the perfect workspace for creative businesses.

Ask the team

When planning out a new design scheme, it is important to recognize the needs of employees. After all, they're going to be the ones sitting in the office for hours each day. Fostering creativity can begin with consulting with team members about what they'd like to change, and what they'd like to keep the same.

For instance, getting rid of fluorescent lights in favor of softer lighting might be at the top of the list for workers, something supervisors might never have considered. Maybe workers feel in desperate need of new and more modern conference tables to impress clients, or would prefer an open design plan with plenty of color. To increase productivity and office morale, talking openly with employees about what they'd like to see happen to their workspace is a great place to start.

Choose quality chairs

Nothing is more strenuous on employees than lackluster chairs. Selecting ergonomic chairs can help workers feel comfortable and relaxed at work, improving health and happiness. Investing in ergonomic chairs prevents injuries and painful experiences while working. Choosing proper chairs for each team member reduces sick days and insurance costs, and fosters a creative environment.

Quality ergonomic chairs don't have to be outrageously expensive, either. If a business is just starting up or is hoping to save some money, owners and managers should consider purchasing used office furniture from reputable sources. This will keep costs low so funds can be invested in other design elements, creating a fully developed office that looks great and remains functional.

Design with your brand in mind

Inc. recommends using your brand name or company design when revamping an office. This can mean anything from keeping company logos in sight, framing successful ad campaigns or designs and hanging them on office walls or keeping color schemes consistent when redecorating.

For example, if a company's logo is green and black, executives might consider selecting green office chairs, black computers and green accents to decorate the workspace. This will resonate with employees and create a clean, creative environment that promotes success. 

Offer space for breaks

Being creative each day can be tiring, and employees can easily burn out. To prevent this from happening, employers can create spaces for relaxation and fun. Green, outdoor areas for groups to take their lunch breaks and game rooms are a great way to keep creativity flowing when workers are feeling worn out.

This approach also shows team members that they are valued as more than office drones, promoting the idea that their happiness is important to managers. When employees are happier and office morale is up, productivity increases. 

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Choosing the best ergonomic chair for an office

Ergonomic chairs are a smart investment for any company or individual to make - they are stylish and foster a more comfortable life at work. These chairs can also positively affect productivity, and most importantly, health. Improving posture using ergonomic chairs makes long days at the office easier, and can prevent serious back, neck and wrist injuries. Keep reading for tips on what to look for in a desk chair. 

Seat height

When searching for ergonomic office chairs, seat height is key. According to Lifehacker, when seated, an individual's feet should be flat on the floor or a foot rest beneath his or her desk. If a chair is too high, blood circulation will be limited and pressure will be placed behind the knee. If a chair is too low, a person's knees will be higher than his or her hips, causing strain on the body as an individual's weight shifts back into the seat. A good ergonomic chair will have adjustable seat height so a wide range of employees can use similar chairs.

Lower back support

Sitting at an office workstation in the same chair all day can be tiresome, but with proper lower back support, it doesn't have to be painful. An ergonomic office chair should have proper lumbar support to maintain back health and to prevent discomfort and aches. The spine naturally curves inward - quality chairs work to support this curvature and bring comfort to all kinds of users.

High-quality chairs may also have adjustable lumbar support systems for a customizable experience. The lower back should rest easily and comfortably against the lumbar support, allowing for proper blood and oxygen flow throughout the entire body. This will keep workers refreshed and able to work without painful distractions.

Width and depth

Chairs should be able to easily accommodate an occupant to provide for ultimate comfort and support. A user should be able to lean comfortably against the backrest and lumbar support of the chair while still leaving two to four inches of room between the seat of the chair and the back of the knees. 

If a seat is too long, users may lean forward in their chairs, preventing them from leaning against the back of the chair. If workers do not lean forward, they may feel pressure on their legs and back. 

Having the proper seat depth and width makes working long hours easier for everyone in the office.

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