Monday, September 30, 2013

How to have fun with office layouts

Adding fun and edgy elements to your office workstation does not have to cost a large amount of money. If you want your staff members to take a break and collaborate with colleagues, set up the office space in a way that is conducive for interaction and inspiration.

Fun names for conference rooms: Even the most serious office can get creative with naming conference rooms. Instead of numbering them or assigning letters, look to famous leaders, various countries or city landmarks. For example, "South Beach" or "Ocean Drive" are locally inspired conference room names for Miami-based offices.

Bunkers, Muenster, Batcave and Free Parking are some of quirky names office designers and staff members around the country have thought up.

Collaborative board: You may already use white boards in conference rooms for brainstorm sessions. How about a giant white board that takes up half the space on one side of the wall? Employees can show off their artistic skills or post notes about post-work meetups.

Personal art: Instead of spending money on expensive art, look to the talent within your office. If someone has created a masterpiece and use it to decorate the walls. A fun project for the office can be to create a mural or piece which represents the company.

Sourcing the right furniture for a Miami-area city clerk's office

Government offices are the foundation of a thriving city. They help keep citizens safe and allow them to complete tasks efficiently. Like any private or public entity, it's important to have the right business furniture to maximize employee productivity. Here are the types of furniture to help a city clerk's office and other municipal buildings flourish:

Second hand office furniture

Used workstations are a cost-effective resource for public offices. They allows the staff to benefit from quality furniture, yet don't put a big strain on the budget.

Ergonomic chairs

City clerks are the administrative wing of a local government. People working in this job help keep a town running smoothly, which may involve lots of repetitive desk work. Employees that for sit for the majority of their work day should have ergonomic seating options. These chairs adjust for the height and posture of the user. In turn, they help reduce workplace injuries.

Cubicle workstations

Modern cubicles have many more amenities than their predecessors. Some units feature a high level of privacy without feeling like a confined space. Other models don't have any enclosures, yet offer each worker his or her own space to complete tasks.

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Study reveals government office furniture may not be ergonomically efficient

A study conducted by the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine took a look at 465 workstations in a government office. Over an 18-day period, they discovered the majority of the business furniture wasn't designed for prolonged work or tasks that involved a mouse. Additionally, the study revealed 35 percent of participants had some sort of job-caused pain. In turn, they recommended adjustable seating, ample storage and desk space.

Those in charge of office equipment should take a special look at furniture to see if it was designed for the work being completed.


Modern cubicles have lots of space and storage to provide room for employees to work efficiently. If space allows for it, consider the curved models, which add more leg and arm room.

Ergonomic chairs

There are a variety of reasons ergonomic chairs are a smart design for a modern office. They adjust for height so feet can sit flat on the ground. Additionally, they can move to fit the posture of the user. Consider this employee-friendly equipment when purchasing new or second hand business furniture.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Balancing the workplace to benefit introverts and extroverts

The word is out about how collaborative offices can fuel creativity. But a balance must be achieved to cater to all types of employees. Not matter what field, people prefer to work differently based on their personality.

Introverts aren't necessarily shy like people might think, but they need a solitary space to gather their ideas. In contrast, extroverts need much more sensory stimulation, which includes working in groups to brainstorm.

Workers need a range of spaces for both group and individual work, according to Chris Congdon for Fast Company. The key is sensory control, which helps employees complete tasks at their discretion. Allowing employees to control their conditions - including lighting, temperature and sound levels - can contribute to employees' success.


Break rooms are being modeled after coffee shops, offering a range of seating options for people to connect at various levels. Introverts might want to work individually, yet be in a noisy environment, while extroverts might use it as a hub for collaboration and sharing ideas.

Custom office workstations

For individual work, offer a variety of workstations to promote flexibility. At times a small desk with an ergonomic chair will do, and in other instances workers might be most productive sitting at an office cubicle.

Tips on setting up the right location for your business

Starting a new business is an exciting venture. There are so many different aspects that go into preparation and planning, that choosing an ideal space may not be given much thought. However, it's vital to the success of both fledgling and established companies.

Here are the most important areas to consider when choosing an office:


Companies that meet face to face with their customer base should have an easily accessible office space. The location needs to be in a neighborhood where current and potential customers live or can travel to without a hassle. If the ideal office space is not in a suitable vicinity near customers, consider setting up client meeting centers. For example, you can have a small office in Miami while the bulk of your employees work out of the Pompano Beach branch.


New businesses need to determine the most efficient way to operate. If meeting rooms are part of the plan, there may need to be more than one depending on the size of the company. A large employee base can't benefit from one conference room. In addition to offices for upper level management, opt for an unit with a large open floor plan to house the bulk of employees. If cubicle workstations will be purchased, the extra space they require should be taken into account.


Employee satisfaction is important and can be achieved with a few extra amenities.

Parking - If public transportation is sparse, free or low-cost parking can be beneficial to employees. Consider leasing an office space with a well-lit garage or lot. Additionally, a night security guard can help keep employees safe when leaving after normal business hours.

Break room - Many new and established office spaces have break rooms or lounges. But some lack the necessary square footage to be used by many people. If a break room only seats five but your employees total 50 then the space is ill-equipped. Find a large enough room where people can relax and refuel before they get back to work.

Ergonomic furniture - All modern offices should have ergonomic seating options. Business furniture that doesn't adjust for height and posture can cause back pain and even carpal tunnel in some employees. Choosing the right new or second hand furniture can help save on insurance costs and limit sick days.

Easy tips to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome has dropped off the radar of many mass media outlets, but it's still important as ever. Help your employees prevent getting the illness by helping them learn healthy working habits. This is especially important if your staff uses the keyboard during the bulk of the workday.

Any employee that performs repetitive activities should know the steps to reduce the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by inflammation in the wrist. The same methods won't work for everyone, so it's best to experiment with different techniques.

Ergonomic tools

Ergonomic chairs that help support the back and cause employees to sit correctly can help ward off carpal tunnel. These can be sourced used or new, but either way should be a part of a healthy office space.

Mini breaks

Employers can help workers by giving them varying tasks and encouraging them to take breaks. Allowing the hands to rest for a period of time helps limit straining. 


Stretching limbs is important and can help against carpal tunnel. This is to avoid overexertion in the hand and finger muscles. Additionally, encourage the simple exercise of leaning away from the computer and taking deep breaths to help break up the monotony.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Colorful offices aren't just for creative firms

A recent article in The Detroit News profiled the headquarters of Quicken Loans, an online mortgage lender. The office was worth profiling because of its use of vibrant pink, green and blue colors covering the walls, among other creative design choices. 

The goal when developing the office space was to create a "living office," which is becoming a popular trend, according to the source. This incorporates the use of collaborative areas that fit their team and culture. They work toward keeping employees positive, which is why they have a slushie machine and ping pong table.

Some might not consider a mortgage company to be on the leading edge of branding company culture with workplace amenities and design. But creating an inviting space for employees to spend 40 or more hours of the week can work for all types of businesses. Just because an office is filled with data entry workers instead of those in the design field, doesn't mean the company won't benefit from a creative space. A clear mind can prove beneficial in terms of problem solving.

With the introduction of a fresh color scheme, ergonomic chairs and other comfortable furniture, any Florida workplace can be a creative space.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Creating a home office in an unconventional space

These days, many employers are allowing work to be completed at home office workstations. For those that lack the necessary room, many have turned to creative alternatives to make up for the lack of square footage.

Unconventional offices

In recent trends, people have redesigned closets, pantries and other small nooks into office space. While this option may seem cramped, those working from home have opened up the area with a light coat of paint or interesting wall pattern. Sticking to small spaces also confines the office to one part of the house, limiting the blending of home and work space.

Decor and design tips

Measure - Those considering this route should measure the length and width of the room before any furniture is purchased.

Furniture - Consider all types of tables that might fit the space, including second hand office furniture. There are many highly stylized seating designs on the market, but those with back problems should opt for an ergonomic chair.

Storage - To limit clutter in a small office, have appropriate storage options like file cabinets within reach. Even the addition of a waste basket can help keep the area clean.

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Individualized design for your Pompano Beach office space

Creativity can be the key to the longevity of a Pompano Beach business. When employees can harness the ability to produce innovative products and services, companies thrive. Employers can help workers tap into their productive spirit in a variety of ways. Inc. magazine has compiled a list of critical factors that can inspire employees to be more creative

Personal items

Building community within a workplace not only leads to a stronger workforce, it can fuel creativity. Small personal mementos like family photos instantly warm a cold office place. Going even further, some office environments aIlow employees to bring their dogs. Pets give their owners happiness, which can translate to a clear mind and innovative problem solving techniques.

Individualized design

Allowing employees to work to the best of their abilities is the key to sustaining success. For example, one graphic designer may thrive using the most up-to-date software to render images, yet another just as skilled employee may prefer to hand-sketch first draft images. Both types of employees can produce a great product if they are given the means to work in the way they are most comfortable.

Natural elements

Bring in natural lights and plants to vitalize the office space. These elements can promote an energized workforce and remove people from the mindset of being in the confines of a traditional office.


It's time to do away with traditional ideas of office design. Instead of thinking about maximizing space, capitalize on productivity. But there are cost-effective ways to boost creativity. Not everyone has to work from one assigned desk. The advent of networked systems doesn't require traditional storage or computer systems. Also, blend old with new. Source second hand office furniture for cubicles and conference tables.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

How to use whiteboards throughout your office

As you shop for used office furniture, you will inevitably need a shared writing space that promotes brainstorming and a space for presentations. Not only are whiteboards easy to clean, they are also multi-purpose. While whiteboards can offer teams the chance to throw out new ideas for a client campaign, they are also used for presentations in conjunction with projectors.

In addition to brainstorming in conference rooms, small whiteboards can also be used in a staff member's cubicle in place of Post-its. Rather than wasting  paper for reminders and to-dos, using a small board is eco-friendly and looks professional.

You can take collaboration and brainstorming a step further by turning your walls into shared spaces. Choose a few (or all) hallways in the office and cover the walls with giant whiteboards. Staff members will then have the freedom to share ideas and inspiration with their colleagues instantly, rather than wait for brainstorming sessions to take place.

Not all office environments can facilitate hallways full of whiteboards, especially if clients are always visiting. In that case, look for large whiteboards with wheels at the bottom. Now you have the flexibility to continuously use whiteboards for inspiration and creativity without worrying about how it will look when visitors are around.

Casual dress codes can improve employee morale

In an effort to increase collaboration among office staff members, business owners have been adapting open-plan floor layouts with the use of desk workstations. According to CNBC, it has been increasingly common since the 1970s and 1980s for companies to use fewer private offices and instead shift to collaborative work spaces. Inc. Magazine also noted that a tactic for boosting employee morale is to offer a comfortable workplace with the right ergonomic chairs, temperature and lighting.

Just as open-plan offices can break down barriers to encourage teamwork, casual dress company policies create a relaxed atmosphere for workers. On days when employees do not have client meetings, a casual dress code can reduce time spent getting ready in the morning and save money on expensive business clothes.

Additionally, casual dress codes at companies like Twitter and Facebook prove that professional attire is not necessarily linked to productivity and work success.

"At Google we know that being successful has little to do with what an employee is wearing," Jordan Newman, a spokesman for the company, told Business Week. "We believe one can be serious and productive without a suit."

As you work to make your office environment comfortable for all employees, consider the reasons to institute casual dress policies throughout your company. The Livestrong Foundation suggests that casual yet professional dress codes can lead to employee self-expression and comfort at work.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BYOD trend helps workers with productivity

Bring your own device or "BYOD" has become a common trend in the service sector as it quickly helps electricians and heating, ventilation and air conditioning personnel receive work orders. Rather than drive into headquarters every morning for work orders, these employees can gain access to company software on their own devices.

According to an article in Forbes, BYOD technology has been around for quite some time and is here to stay. In a corporate space, employees can also bring their own computers, smartphones or tablets for work-related tasks. These gadgets are not provided by the employer, and instead workers spend their own resources for cross-functional tools.

In fact, BYOD has taken off internationally. In Brazil, 75 percent of all workers bring personal devices to work and 44 percent of staff do the same in Russia.

Imagine this: A graphic designer at a company has her own workstation with a PC computer. However, she is accustomed to completing her work on a Mac and wants the flexibility to bring her own device into the office.

While employees have their own workstations with computers, ergonomic chairs and filing cabinets, they may want to integrate some of their own technology for a more efficient day. In these setups, workers' own devices can access company information, software and various internal applications. Staff members enjoy flexibility as they can access work documents on the go, while employers benefit from constant connectivity and increased productivity.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Designing a modern conference room to fuel creativity

Meeting rooms are an essential part of an office space. They serve many purposes, from a place employees brainstorm to a spot where companies land a monumental deal. Many employers are redesigning their conference spaces to foster creativity and collaboration for the modern world.

Glass walls

This isn't a new trend in workplace design, but it's an important one since it can make an office feel less stuffy. Glass walls allow light in and creates a feeling of transparency throughout the workplace. It's commonly seen in creative environments, yet has found popularity in a number of different industries.

Color and texture

Put extra thought into the design of a meeting room by incorporating color and texture to create a more relaxing environment where employees feel comfortable speaking up and sharing ideas. Oversized paintings, or images of pop art can help add dimension and may spur an idea during brainstorm sessions.


If meetings typically run half an hour or more, consider an employee's comfort. Instead of equipping conference rooms with typical office seating, add ergonomic chairs. Larger offices that have more than one meeting area can design each to serve a different purpose. One can have a lounge style with sofas and coffee tables, while another might have traditional furniture. Contemporary conference tables tend to have built-in power and data ports for easy laptop connection, allowing these outlets to be housed away from view or directly on desks. Another trend is bench seating which provides room for more employees.


It's important to stock meeting rooms with up-to-date technology, like a large screen, internet connection, multiple power outlets and phone access. Also, consider bringing in older tools such as white and chalkboards. Covering an entire wall in one of these materials will provide a wealth of space for employees to share ideas.

Video conferencing - Some offices need to communicate with people around the country. While video conferencing software has greatly reduced travel expenses it's important for a meeting room to be optimized for its use. Instead on relying on a laptop's built-in hardware to broadcast meetings, install web cameras at various vantage points. This way, even when a conference room is full, everyone will be able to be seen.

Tablets - Since the advent of laptops people have additional freedom to collaborate and work on the go. Tablets take mobile technology one step further and offices should consider equipping top to mid-level staff with these hand-held screens.

A look at why Marissa Mayer banned working from home

In the summer of 2013, Yahoo's newly minted CEO Marissa Mayer instituted a policy for all staff members: no more working from home. According to Forbes, Mayer gave all work-from-home employees a few weeks to digest the information and ditch their home office workstations. If employees did not adhere to the new policy, they risked being fired.

"People are more productive when they're alone, but they're more collaborative and innovative when they're together. Some of the best ideas come from pulling two different ideas together," Mayer said at a press conference in Los Angeles, according to Business Insider.

The reason for Mayer's sudden and somewhat harsh decision? The source noted that after a few months as CEO, Mayer was frustrated at the amount of staff members who actually showed up to work. When she looked up statistics to see if they were checking in with supervisors, the results proved abysmal.

If your office policy is following a similar trend, you may need to look into business furniture. As rarely seen employees become accustomed to commuting everyday, you will inevitably need additional office cubicles and ergonomic chairs.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Helping employees declutter their workspaces

Even with the right office workstations and cubicles, a messy desk can get the best of any employee. An OfficeMax survey revealed that 90 percent of American workers felt their unorganized desk space was having a negative impact on their overall productivity.

A chaotic cubicle or open plan desk can keep a staff member from attaining his or her full potential. Being unable to find important notes or forms can have a dramatic impact on workers' stress levels and productivity.  If staff workspaces resemble a hurricane-like atmosphere, consider the following office furniture to aid with organization:

The right furniture: If your business cannot find a way around paper usage, it might be the right time to invest in filing cabinets. Many workers spend  from 30 minutes to an hour looking for files or paperwork around their workspaces. The right filing system will help staff members create a process for their reports or miscellaneous desk items like reference books so they are no longer a distraction.

Desk organizers: Pens, Post-its and paper clips can easily become lost among laptops, binders or files. Use desk organizers to keep small and miscellaneous items in one place. Acrylic desk organizers or folder racks are just a few of the accessories that will make any workspace easier to navigate.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flexible work schedules can enhance office satisfaction

There are many buzz words that keep coming up in workplace trends. The terms collaboration, choice and connectivity are making a mark on how companies do business. Technology providers like Cisco and Dell provide networked systems to give employees flexibility that leads to innovation and job satisfaction.

Dell launched a commitment to the connected workplace in 2010. Since then they have been developing solutions that drive business results by deregulating how employees get their work done.

They even launched the concept of flexible working hours, and by doing so did away with the standardized job schedule. Additionally, they offer mobile and remote work. The former allows employees to work from home up to four days a week, while the latter involves conducting business from a place other than a traditional office. They also reintroduced part-time work where in some cases, people share their workload with another willing employee.

A recent Dell survey revealed that people valued the commuting time and transportation expenses they recouped. Additionally, the reduction in gas and office energy consumption leads to environmental benefits.

Some people may prefer to complete their duties from office workstations, but offering flexibility can be paramount in an employee's satisfaction and productivity.


Some talk about their prestige, some talk about their brand and some talk about design.

We instead, speak of our conviction, which has allowed us to remain strong, grow and create solutions that business owners can appreciate. Come Join a winning team and lets get to work!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Staying organized in a small Miami workspace

Whether you're working from a Miami small business or a home office, encouraging efficiency is important in the workplace. One of the major ways to boost productivity is organization. Here's how to provide employees with the right tools:


Promote employee organization by first taking a look at workstations. If a worker has a desk filled with paper and hasn't been making his or her work goals, the employee may need to adopt a new organization method. Ask them to evaluate their belongings and limit what they need. Many times a clutter-free desk can led to a focused mind.

Appropriate furniture

- Give employees ample storage space. If large resource books are housed at desks, find a new home for them in a nearby bookshelf. Additionally, many workstation cubicles have easily accessible built-in storage.

- Consider giving employees custom office workstations, allowing them to pick out any necessary amenities, like extra counter space.

- Be sure to manage cables and wires underneath the desks where no one can trip or tangle themselves.

- If there are limited expenses consider buying second hand business furniture that is gently used and in good working order.

Office furniture for the game room

Unlike conference rooms, which must adhere to the utmost professional look, an employee game or break room can be full of character and outrageous furniture. Colorful walls, paintings and game systems make a great rest stop for staff members looking to rejuvenate during a long day.

According to Businessweek, some of the top office lounge rooms in the country have arcade games, small libraries and televisions. One game room was even decorated from ceiling to floor to resemble a forest!

Designing the perfect fun room starts with the right furniture and layout. Follow this guide to get started:

Group area: In a fun room, there should be a few office tables and comfortable chairs for group seating. Provide furniture for social interaction when several employees want to get together and enjoy a meal or play games without disturbing anyone.

Sometimes employees need a break even if it is not around lunchtime. For this purpose, there should also be an area separate from the dining tables. A few couches or ergonomic chairs will suffice for staff looking to lounge around with colleagues.

Privacy: While the break room can be for group fun, there should also be a privacy element. A handful of bean bags or single person couches are necessary for those looking to read a book, make a phone call or get some quiet time.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

No need to wait for Office Furniture in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Palm Beach.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Updating furniture in a Dania Beach municipal building

While government workplaces tend to have more structure and fewer frills than their private counterparts, they can still have appealing and functional office furniture. The same goes for municipal organizations in Dania Beach that are in need of revamping their office workstations. Before buying, consider the following questions to make sure you source the right equipment.

Office needs

What are the needs of the workplace, and have they changed? If the office operates the same as it always has, then it's simple just to replace damaged and worn furniture. But when new departments are added and the workforce has grown, adjustments need to be made.

Industry trends

Consider trends in office furniture to find out how other public and private businesses are utilizing layout to maximize workflow. One course is opening up the space: It not only gives the office more room, but it encourages creativity and collaboration. As more employers are implementing flexible work schedules in response to on-the-go Internet usage, these open spaces have become an important component of office design.

Furniture types

Cubicles can still work well in modern offices, but there are a variety of types from which to choose. If space allows for it, purchase the larger options that give employees added flexibly to incorporate their working style and make it their own. Also, consider workers' comfort by seeking ergonomic chairs that help improve posture and limit back pain.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Improving air quality in an Oakland Park workplace

It's important for employers in Oakland Park to manage the health of their staff when possible. Indoor air quality has been known to contain harmful pollutants that when not taken into consideration can affect productivity and increase insurance rates. But there are ways to reduce levels of airborne irritants that may contribute to employee illness. 

Low VOCs - When building an office environment, source paint, carpet and furniture with low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Items that have high levels of these agents can emit harmful gases.

Ventilation - Air conditioning systems are designed to work efficiently based on the number of people using each space. When updating an office with new business furniture, you may alter the initial flow of the workspace. It other cases rooms may be used for new purposes, as when storage spaces are converted into offices. When this happens, the air conditioning system may need to be altered to run efficiently in the new layout. Additionally, certain botanicals like snake and spider plants can help clean the air.

Spacing - Be careful not to place thermostats directly underneath computers that can change the reading on the unit, thus altering air flow. Also, when desks are placed too close together, illness can spread quickly if someone becomes sick.

Cleaning - Give the right equipment to your maintenance staff. Vacuum cleaners should have hepa-filters and cleaners shouldn't contain any toxic chemicals. Also, encourage employees to wipe their phones and computers routinely with pre-moistened anti-bacterial cloths.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Collaborative design for a Hollywood technology startup

Launching a Hollywood startup has many costs and risks associated with the new venture. This makes it important to reduce expenses and improve productivity at every chance. The technology networking company Cisco Systems published a study conducted on its own staff to learn how they preferred to complete tasks.

Research found that up to 65 percent of the time, employees left their traditional workstation cubicles to finish work elsewhere. Having unused real estate can contribute to wasteful spending. In result, Cisco unassigned seating, which allowed workers more flexibility and reduced real estate costs by 80 percent.

These dramatic results may be unique to a fast-growing business like Cisco, yet smaller startups - especially technology firms - can benefit from a similar design plan.

A few buzzwords within this workplace trend are "rolling collaboration" which allows employees to share knowledge in real-time. Additionally, group density can leverage the energy generated from a team dynamic. Consider these two concepts when designing workplaces of this kind.


In Cisco's case study, office furniture encouraged both planned and impromptu meetings. Setting up a large conference table in a communal space can allow for natural group collaboration. Also, it's helpful if the area is supported by wireless technology and networked systems.

Cubicles don't have to be abandoned completely; the privacy can support employees who need solitary workspace. As financing may be limited for a new business, purchasing second hand office furniture is a route many cost-conscious business owners take.

Innovative solutions

With a bit of creativity, a Hollywood startup can fuel productivity in original ways. An oversized whiteboard or chalkboard can help with visual representation of new ideas. Place these in break, conference and lounge areas. Additionally, glass meeting rooms and offices can promote a communal environment within the workplace.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sourcing the right furniture for a Miami shared workspace

As the technology boom continues, entrepreneurs need less physical equipment to launch new endeavors. This on-the-go practice of doing business allows professionals to conduct their work from home offices, smartphones and tablets. But when client meetings call for a more traditional environment, budding business owners are looking toward shared workspaces.

These co-workspaces typically offer various room layouts and desk arrangements to meet the needs of a range of customers. A freelance writer might require access to a computer and printer from time to time, while a public relations executive may need a conference room to present a new campaign to clients.

Miami has its share of co-habitation workplaces that can benefit from used office furniture. Many of them don't offer the typical cubicle design, as new trends support open environments. In these cases, ergonomic office chairs and lounge seating works well. Also, multiple-purpose tables can help conform to different clients. 

Overall, shared workspaces allow fledgling entrepreneurs and freelance workers the flexibility to conduct business with fewer startup costs. Offering an open floor plan with ample windows, lighting and flexible seating can bolster creativity in this contemporary workplace trend.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Choosing the right used furniture for your Pompano Beach home office

Setting up a home office should be handled with the same care as sourcing furniture for a corporate workplace. The right tools make it simpler for a Pompano Beach home-based entrepreneur to complete daily tasks in the most efficient manner.

Purchasing second hand business furniture allows anyone to have the same quality and functionality as his or her competitors. When buying desks and chairs there is no need to sacrifice appearance or durability. Retailers offer gently used tables and seating that look as good as new. 

Office furniture tends to be on the larger scale since large businesses have ample space. It's good to plan out a home office layout to determine the size and shape of the furniture needed. If space is limited, an extra tall filing cabinet might be a better option than two twin units. Additionally, many desks are made in combinable pieces, which is important to consider when looking to buy.

Individuals working from home should cater their design to their particular field of work. Writers may not need a large workable table that may be essential for an artist or drafter. Also, people should consider any back or spine issues they may have and choose an ergonomic second hand office chair if necessary.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


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