Thursday, October 31, 2013

Office design for a Miami investment firm

The economy is beginning to improve, and as a result, more people are returning to the stock market. Investment firms are made up of financial planners who know the ins and outs of the industry. They study market trends and advise people when to buy and sell. These offices are a few of the remaining types of businesses that need private space. When dealing with personal information privacy standards are of the upmost importance. If you are planning a new office layout or an upgrade of your existing space, here are a few tips to choose the right furniture:

Private offices

Traditional wood desks work well in private offices. Investment firms need to portray an air of authority, so the furniture must match. These industry-standard office workstations are built from quality materials and are made to last many years. They either have attached or stand-alone storage cabinets and shelves. This space is perfect to house important documents and keep privacy at a premium.

Guest seating

When customers come in to meet with clients, they should be comfortable. Provide lush guest chairs for multiple people. Additionally, there should be a nearby station that holds water, coffee and other refreshments to offer clients.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sourcing economical furniture for a Miami nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations are special types of entities. Instead of being profit-driven, they work toward improving the greater good. Some of these institutions help children while others want to eradicate disease. Because nonprofits are fueled by social causes, the need can be never ending. As a result, these organizations need to have effective office space to get their work done in a cost-efficient manner.

Secondhand business furniture

Used office furniture is one of the best ways a nonprofit organization can save money. However, not all pre-owned equipment is suitable for repurchase. Look to reputable dealers to ensure you are buying quality desks, chairs and tables.

Office workstations - To reduce overhead, many nonprofits have small offices. To use space efficiently, opt for combined workstations. These are long tables with sectioned-off space for each employee.

Cubicles - If more privacy is needed, you can choose cubicles. Even the secondhand units are available in a variety of shapes for different levels of comfort. Some have minimal features where just a simple surface is needed, and others have lots of room, including shelving and extra counter space.

Reception desk - To adhere to a certain level of professionalism, you can also pick up used reception desks. These units serve two purposes: they give you a place to meet visitors and donors, and they provide your greeter with a place to complete his or her other tasks.

Conference tables - It's helpful for nonprofits to have a meeting room. This area is important for many reasons. It can be a place to plan campaigns or decide where to allocate funds. Additionally, it can serve as the room to present quarterly financial figures to board members and other interested parties.

Storage - In order for a charity or other tax-exempt organizations to operate efficiently, they need to keep accurate records. Traditional filing cabinets are the best place to hold important documents when a company is on a limited budget. Whether you choose vertical or horizontal styles, the metal units are structurally sounds and of a good quality.

Seating - Some of these institutions need abundant seating to house the people they serve. To provide a comfortable seat that doesn't eat away at the budget, look to used furniture. Some of these guest and task chairs have plush cushions while others have durable plastic construction.

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Picking the right furniture for a Miami advertising agency

Advertising agencies are filled with a variety of departments. The creative branch writes copy and draws graphics. The account executives act as sales professionals that work toward landing new clients and maintaining established relationships. Then, if the company is large enough, there are a variety of managers supporting each department.

To ensure each branch of the company has what it needs to be successful, each person should have appropriate business furniture.

Daily work

Similar to many modern office layouts, the bulk of an ad agency's workforce probably completes tasks seated in a communal space. If this is the case, fill the room with office workstations to use each bit of real estate efficiently. There are a variety of styles that fit this furniture category, from cubicles to open​-space desks.

Cubicles - If privacy is needed, there are models of cubicles that have partitions yet don't feel cramped. To accomplish this, some units have a few transparent walls. Others have more traditional layouts with storage and lots of counter space.

Desks - Other workstations have connected work surfaces with a small border offering a bit of privacy. These are suitable for employees that need to collaborate and converse throughout the day.

Test marketing

Advertising companies, just like marketing firms, can test a product or branding they create for an client. Some businesses outsource the work to third parties, while other agencies complete it in-house.

The perfect furniture pieces for this type of room are training tables. These streamlined surfaces seat multiple people and use space efficiently. Most product testing sessions typically don't last all day, so task chairs can be outfitted in the space.

Client presentations

When a campaign is finished and ready to be presented to the client, account executives, writers and graphic designers often team up to plan out the meeting. A medium-to-large conference room is the perfect venue when equipped with the right technology. A flat-screen display should be hung from one end of the wall to show slideshows and graphics. Additionally, if the campaign features a video or audio component, then surrounding speakers can help the client get in the right mindset to fully absorb the pitch.

In addition to a large conference table with ample surface space, there should be plenty of plush seating options to ensure each client is comfortable.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Office furniture for a Miami-based newsroom

Newsrooms are bustling environments filled with journalists and reporters doing their due diligence to break the latest stories. Their office needs to be planned in a layout that supports their fast-paced workflow. Since the modern world is filled with networked systems and computer-based work, each workstation should to be equipped to handle such technology. Additionally, colleagues needs to be easily accessible for instant collaboration and feedback.

Office workstations

Print and online newspapers have often had open floor plans, even before office design trends moved in that direction. Bench workstations are perfect for newsrooms. Because many of the tasks are completed digitally, not many traditional storage options are needed. These workstations can fit laptops and computer monitors easily.

Ergonomic chairs

When reporters are on a strict deadline they may rack up a lot of hours seated behind their desk. This is why ergonomic chairs are so important. They are set on wheel casters, allowing for the flexibility to move around the office to chat and collaborate.

Lounge seating

Trends are also moving to full-size break rooms modeled after cafes. These offer writers and photographers a brief respite from the daily grind. Outfit these with assorted sofas, coffee tables, couches and guest chairs.

What is the best furniture for a Miami human resources office?

Human resource departments are the backbone of a company. They facilitate payroll services and ensure employees have up-to-date paperwork for their benefits and more. In order to complete their duties to the best of their abilities, these professionals must have the right business furniture. So if your HR department needs a revamp or this wing is new to your growing company, here is the necessary furniture for an effective work environment:

Ergonomic chairs

Human resources professionals often complete the bulk of their duties seated behind a desk. Anytime someone sits for a prolonged period there is a chance for strains and other injuries. To combat this, chair designers have built ergonomic options with quality standards to support the body. They are available in a variety of colors to match the aesthetics of the office. The back and neck rests are adjustable to make a more comfortable experience for the worker.

Office workstations

The duties of an HR manager often require sensitivity because much of the information deals with salaries, benefits and personnel records. However, not all companies have the space to dedicate an entire office or wing of the building to these staff members. Cubicles should be used when there is an added need for privacy. Additionally, these units should be equipped with filing cabinets for storage of important documents. Also, because these employees often need to converse with others members of the company, there should be room to comfortably seat another person in a guest chair.

Conference rooms

From time to time, HR professionals will need access to meeting rooms to explain new company procedures, roll out new benefits or train new staff. While conference tables are appropriate to have, also consider picking up multi-purpose tables. They can fold up when not in use and easily fit into a storage closet. When they are needed they can be simply rolled into place.

Used furniture

Whenever you add a new department, HR or otherwise, consider purchasing second hand business furniture. It's a suitable alternative to new equipment since it can be sourced from quality suppliers. Dealers that buy large quantities can often offer a wide selection of workstations, filing cabinets, task chairs and more. Additionally, they also have ergonomic options.

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Should you try and fix your office furniture?

No matter the quality, there will come a time when your business furniture sustains damage. Over time, wear-and-tear will take its toll, regardless of how careful employees may be with office workstations or ergonomic chairs. As a business owner, you may consider hiring someone to fix broken desks or conference tables. However, if some fixes are beyond your skill level, it doesn't mean you will need to spend a fortune on new furniture. You can find gently used pieces that match the theme of your office and provide employees with an updated  workstation.

Consider these tips when trying to decide whether to purchase a new piece of office furniture or fix what is broken:

Desk: Whether your office layout consists of several cubicles in a traditional setting or stations loosely arranged in an open layout, desks are perhaps the most important pieces of furniture in the office. Most employees will spend the bulk of their day there, and may have worked to set up a comfortable space, so keeping desks around is a worthy endeavor.

If one of the desk's drawers doesn't properly connect with the tracks, you probably won't need to replace the whole unit. However, if the veneer on the top of the desk is starting to peel, you may want to consider shopping for used office furniture to replace the piece.

Chairs: Of course, you can always replace a missing screw on a chair by ordering a new part from the manufacturer. If the arm rest happens to break on one side, the chair may still be usable, as well.  However, if the seat is ripped and has holes or no longer leans back, repairing an ergonomic chair can be costly.

Filing cabinet: If your office files are sometimes held hostage in an old filing cabinet, you may want to consider replacing the unit. Filing cabinets can break if they are overflowing or they are frequently slammed shut.

If the equipment is rusted, dinged and has drawers that continuously separate from the tracks, you may be better off searching for second hand office furniture. Repairing a filing cabinet takes a lot of work and may be unnecessary when you can find an affordable and gently used one.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Business furniture for Pompano Beach application developers

The advent of mobile devices created a new job field in the tech sector. With the competition between manufacturers and various operating systems, there is much work for application developers. People in this field make it easier for everyday people to complete tasks from their hand-held phones and tablets. The work involves creativity and a technical ability that is only achievable in a productive environment.

Office workstations

The foundation of an effective workstation is a desk with ample surface area. Developers often work from more than one computer screen and need the space to hold the extra hardware. Modern cubicle-type setups are best in this case, since they offer enough privacy and still make it possible to converse and collaborate with colleagues.

Ergonomic chairs

Seating is another important part of a workstation. Invest in ergonomic chairs with adjustable head and back rests. Improper seating options can strain the body and make the employee tire easily. Swivel chairs are a good choice for increased mobility.

Conference room

With the design of an application is finished, the developer will need to present it to the client. A suitable conference room will make the presentation more effective. Purchase a large conference table to fit the space with enough comfortable seating. Overhead projection machines are an outdated technology, so be sure to have the right equipment to portray a sense of authority in the field. An oversized monitor can easily connect to computers through wires funneled through the table. Or you can take away the need for cables with the use of wireless technology. Just sync Wi-Fi enabled devices together for a seamless presentation.

Additionally, there should be a large whiteboard or chalkboard to display ideas during brainstorming sessions. Paint the walls a non-neutral color to create a more exciting space for idea generation.

Testing lounge

Quality assurance is a crucial part of developing a software program. During the preliminary phases, technical bugs may arise. Experimenting with the application in a comfortable environment will help spur on the spot problem solving. Additionally, some firms may bring in people from the public to test out the program. While a meeting room is one location option, a lounge area is a less formal alternative. 

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Sourcing the right furniture for a Miami contractor's office

Building contractors often create temporary modular offices. These serve as a onsite venues to manage operations, conduct sales or complete administrative work for the new structure. Additionally, they are sometimes erected for banks, retail and restaurant establishments. Even though these workstations are temporary, they should still be outfitted with the right equipment. Not doing so can lead to an unproductive working environment.


Space is at a premium in modular offices. They are often rectangular structures that only fit a few people. Before you purchase equipment, measure the entire working area and allocate sufficient space for the number of employees who will be occupying the office. Also, be sure to leave enough space for walking room. 

Business furniture

Think about the range of office furniture that is on the market. There are traditional desks normally made from wood. These models are often large and made for executive offices. Cubicles also wouldn't be a good choice because the partitions can make workers feel claustrophobic in the small space.

Office workstations - These desks are streamlined for efficiency. Some units fit two people, while others were designed for singular use.

Conference tables - Even though space may be limited, consider adding a conference table. They are available in a range of sizes and can seat many people. Additionally, they can serve as the perfect places to hold spontaneous meetings or lay out blueprints and plans.

Ergonomic chairs - Task chairs won't do in a modular office. These workstations should operate like traditional workplaces, which means the seating should be optimized for comfort. Ergonomic chairs do just that. Their back rests adjust to the user and help limit strains and other injuries.

Second hand business furniture - Since these offices are temporary, there is no need to buy expensive furniture. Pick up used desks, chairs and more from reputable dealers. Many times you'll get high-quality equipment for a great price.


If you are adding two or more desks to a modular office, strategically place them in the room. Setting them against opposite walls can make the room feel less cramped. Also, you can fit round tables in small corners. They take less room than their rectangular counterparts and can sometimes fit more people.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tips for managing employee's cell phone usage

The cellular phone turned 40 years old in April of 2013. While cellular companies around the world might be rejoicing in their successful production of the device, other business owners may find it disturbing to walk around office workstations and see employees texting or visiting social media sites on smartphones. If you are concerned about how cell phone usage affects productivity in your office, consider implementing the following tactics:

Policy: If you have been lenient in the past but find that employees are abusing the system by playing Angry Birds more than responding to client requests, you can institute a no cell phone policy. Have the human resources department draft the paperwork stating the policy and outlining consequences for failing to follow the rules.

While some businesses can function by employees managing their own time wisely, companies that need staff members to work on strict time deadlines may need to enforce such policies. For example, workers at a call center may have quotas to fill during the day. If they are constantly on their phones, they risk fielding a smaller amount of phone calls for the clients.

Block sites: While it is illegal in most respects to block the cell phone reception around your office, you can block certain websites from being visited at work computers. Online dating, shopping or social media sites are just a few of the reasons employees can get distracted at work. Consider blocking sites like Facebook and Gmail to help keep employees on task while in the office.

This tactic can also be important for companies that have a vested interest in keeping data secure. You can reduce the risk of exposing client information or company data by blocking the use of social networking sites.

Breaking down the walls: If your floorplan is set up with several stations of office cubicles everywhere, you may want to consider an open-plan layout. Without walls between employees and managers, you can enjoy greater collaboration among workers. Additionally, staff members may be more timid about checking their phones every few minutes in front of colleagues. In this case, you will need discount office furniture for the new transition.

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Is your office design negatively impacting creativity?

Creative professionals require more than just a desk and a computer. They need to work in an environment that fosters an imaginative thought process. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Florida, employees that have a pleasurable time at work more often display higher levels of creative output.

"With people spending more and more of their lives at work, they feel they might as well make it enjoyable, and our study finds surprising payoffs when they do," said Erin Fluegge Woolf, researcher of the study and management professor at Southeast Missouri State University, said in a statement. "Not only did employees report being in better moods and more engaged in their work, they also performed better on the job."

How can employers harness the results of this study? Sophie Barker, an employee at Gyro, an agency in London, wrote in Forbes how the addition of social activities in her workplace served as a distraction that relieved stress and helped encourage relaxation. It's all about having a moment to break away from the office workstation. Staring at a screen for extended periods of time can make eyes tire, and sitting can stiffen the body. Additionally, open floor plans give employees a brief respite from their desks when they engage in conversation.

Business furniture

Workstations - Workstations with partial privacy borders help promote interaction. There needs to be a barrier so everyone has space to complete tasks, but it should also be easy for people to talk face to face. If the company doesn't have a big budget with which to remodel the office, second hand business furniture is an affordable solution.

Lounge chairs - Employees can be more productive if they aren't always working from formal environments. Sometimes it might be beneficial to host a meeting in a lounge area that is filled with colorful walls and artwork. Also, since workers aren't sitting at desks or a traditional table, they may feel less tense and more free to talk.

Activities - The creation process doesn't only involve sitting at a computer working on a problem. It's important to fuel the mind with activities that stimulate but don't overwork the brain. Games are the perfect avenue, since they are challenging yet fun and lessen the load on the mind to help get creative juices flowing. 

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Overcoming the challenges of an open office layout

Open office layouts are the contemporary place to conduct business. Many employers understand the need to change with the times and harness different productivity techniques. However, open-concept design has the potential to bring on some challenges.

Benefits of open offices

These offices do away with traditional cubicle workstations. They often encourage organic collaboration and idea generation.

Additionally, open floor plans work to bring a company together as a whole. One of the challenges in many offices is the lack of communication across departments. When various sectors don't converse, it's easy to feel like separate entities. Bridging the gap between the sales force and the creative department is a primary goal for many companies.

Lastly, transparency in middle- to upper-management teams is important for encouraging lower-level employees to ask questions, seek advice or voice concerns to leadership when need be.

Potential challenges

Space - When offices move to open layouts, they take down cubicles and often add rows of desks. It's important to purchase large enough office workstations so each employee still has his or her own space in which to complete tasks.

Noise - Volume levels can be an issue. If someone is making a call, it can be a disturbance to other employees. If you are in a small office, it may be hard to disperse the noise. However, carpeting and sound panels can do a lot to combat ambient office noise.

Clutter - Just like employees work at different speeds, they operate under different cleanliness levels. It's important that workers who are prone to clutter be encouraged to not let their documents spill onto other workstations. To convey a widespread message, send a memo about each how necessary it is that each individual clean his or her mugs and food containers on a daily basis.

Open offices aren't for every business

These types of workstations are best for creative workforces for which constant collaboration is necessary. Accounting firms, call centers and investment companies might not benefit from such a transparent environment.

Business furniture

Instead of traditional desks, open spaces are often filled with multi-purpose tables. These surfaces are outfitted with slots for computer cords and wires. If you purchase a large enough table, employees will still have their own space while being able to collaborate. Additionally, if the remodeling budget is tight, second hand business furniture is available at the same quality as new units.

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How to make your office more inviting

Moving up the ranks to a comfy office is a goal of many career-minded individuals. Much thought might be put into the overall design of the space because it's often up to the personal aesthetics of that employee. However, the type of business furniture chosen can play a part in his or her success. So, whether you are outfitting your own office or the manager bays as a group, here is some advice to make each area more inviting.

Communication specialist Shari Alexander wrote in Entrepreneur magazine of the importance of having a communal area for visitors within the office. She backs up her reasoning by describing a scenario in which a suspect and interrogator meet on uneven ground. The interrogator naturally takes the dominant role that is supported by his lofty chair on wheels. The suspect is left with an uncomfortable stationary seating option, in which he or she would be never able to relax. That picture is similar to the workplace dynamic when managers hold meetings in their offices. As the person of authority sits behind his or her desk, that hierarchy is compounded. However, when there is an equal seating option for both employees, each person can feel comfortable communicating more freely.

Meeting space

To create your own communal space, choose from a variety of layout options. 

Conference table - A large format table allows people more space to think and feel comfortable. However, if your office meetings are meant to be more informal, this setup might not be best.

Coffee table - Going in the opposite direction, a coffee table with a couch and a couple of arm chairs is perfect for conversational environments. These impulsive chats can even spur innovative ideas.

Round table - Small offices can benefit from roundtables. Add a few comfortable guest chairs to complete the space.

Embrace company culture

Many successful office designs revel in their company's culture in a variety of ways. Concentrate on your organization's mission statement. If the founding principles are based on a team environment, that message should be conveyed in the office's decor. It's fine to display your accomplishments, but the company as a whole should be represented.

Open door policy

An official open door policy will encourage employees to communicate freely. The company should operate as a group, where each level is supporting the other. This balance of give and take between the workforce can spell success in the long run.

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What traditional Miami offices can learn from coworking spaces

Coworking spaces, sometimes interchangeably called cafes, are the perfect depiction of the modern workspace. These hubs allow people to work when and where they want. They offer Wi-Fi Internet access, a power connection and a comfy place to sit. This model isn't only for the startup or fledgling entrepreneur. All types of businesses can benefit from this setup.

According to Business First, the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors opened an internet cafe to serve its members. At any time, its 3,7000 realtors can use the facility, which is equipped with a conference room, printer, scanner and Starbucks coffee maker.

"Real estate professionals are very mobile," Lisa Stephenson, chief executive officer of the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors, told the source. "We're seeing increased usage," she said. "It's relatively new."

Here is how to bring the essence of a coworking space into your office:

Cafe layout

One of the best features about modeling an office around a cafe is the free form. Many times these spaces don't have a structured layout. Instead, they offer different areas geared toward various types of work. The lounge section might be good for writers, who can work comfortably from a sofa and just need a coffee table on which to set their drinks. However, a freelance public relations professional might prefer a traditional workstation, and these spaces have that setup as well.

Business furniture

If you have a lofted layout, you are one step closer to creating a coworking space. Having many private offices is a thing of the past, so only top-level executives should work in these traditional rooms.

Office workstations - Arrange hubs of varied working centers. One area can have cubicle​-type desks. These aren't the versions of the past with large partitions blocking collaboration. The newer models offer some privacy, yet don't close employees off from each other.

Lounge seating - Give employees the option to sit at lounge seating once in awhile. Sometimes the simple act of changing scenery allows people to get their creative juices flowing.

Ergonomic chairs - Each workstation should have ergonomic seating. These chairs are more comfortable than their counterparts and they adjust for height and angle of the back rest. The result is a reduced chance of strains and injuries.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

The ultimate workstation for the modern multitasker

Multitasking has received a bad reputation in recent years. According to Arthur Markman, a pscyhology professor at the University of Texas at Austin, productivity suffers when the brain tries to complete multiple projects. However, the modern workplace requires people to juggle tasks as they are assigned. According to Forbes, multitasking is actually task switching, not simultaneously doing two things.

"Leadership itself requires a form of multitasking," Roger Kay, a Forbes contributor, explains. "The boss has to have the whole plan in his head and check continually with workers executing the plan to make sure they're on target, and if they're not, adjust the plan. Looked at closely, though, this activity appears to be more like rapid task switching than multitasking."

To increase your chance of being more productive while you tackle a few projects, have all the tools you need at arm's length. Here are tips to create the ultimate workstation that will help - not hinder - your work:


First, you need the right equipment for the task at hand. Many jobs require multitasking at their core. Journalists need to source information and write copy at the same time. While they could toggle in between web pages and a word processor, there are more efficient and cost-effective methods. In this one example, writers would benefit from wide monitors that allow them to open two windows side by side. Graphic designers also employ multitasking techniques. This is why dual monitors are a crucial tool for them. These creators must manipulate images on various screens, while they follow notes and view their source of inspiration.

Business furniture

Office workstations - Modern cubicles are not like those of the past. They are filled with many more amenities that can often be customized to fit the user. Some of these workstations are equipped with built-in storage in overhead shelves and floor units. Also, many feature a wide surface area, perfect for working on and off the computer. Contemporary desks can also be personalized with small filing cabinets and countertop storage.

Ergonomic chairs - It's important to purchase ergonomic chairs with adjustable back rests and seats for the entire workforce. Additionally, it's helpful if seating can swivel and roll. Leaning to access a document in a cabinet can cause strain just like a non-ergonomic chair can. Also, during team projects, people might need to move seating to other areas. These small touches can allow employees to work to the best of their abilities.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Practical tips for employees working from home

Whether you own your business or have the luxury of working from home on a full- or part-time basis, it's important to work in an efficient manner. Forbes has compiled a list of essential tips to lead to a more productive home-based work day.

Create a traditional office space

An office doesn't have to take up an entire room, however there should be business furniture for the sole purpose of work. Set up a traditional or contemporary style desk with an ergonomic chair. You will thank yourself later for the comfort these models bring. The adjustable back and neck rests are crucial to avoid injuries and sprains.

Taxes - Be a smart home worker and write off all applicable taxes. Only 3.4 percent out of the 26 million Americans with home offices claim their rightful deductions, according an article Richard Eisenberg wrote in Next Avenue. So speak with a professional to understand which line items apply to you.

Keep a strict schedule

If you are self-employed, you can make up your own hours. However, if you work for a traditional company, you should keep normal business hours. Organize a schedule that aligns with the timeframe you would work if you went into the office. Staying on track with a routine helps people create good habits.

Be outgoing

Face-to-face communication is lost in a home office. At times it may be appropriate to compensate for the loss of sociability, according to Forbes. Don't always email coworkers, make a few calls for a chance to connect.

Act as your own tech support

When you are working from home, there isn't an easily accessible tech support department. It's important to hone your computer skills to fix any problems that may arise. Know the troubleshooting methods of your computer, Internet access and network.

Take lunch

Stick to a lunch schedule just as you would in the office. When you forget to eat, you will deplete yourself of energy and it will be hard to get through the rest of the day.


It's important to have smart storage solutions to house all your paperwork. First, consider your digital options, like scanning your documents onto an external hard drive. For items you must have a hard copy of, purchase sturdy vertical filing cabinets.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tips on setting up a Miami-based client meeting center

For financial reasons, some companies choose to move the bulk of their operations to suburban districts where real estate costs are less expensive. Overall, it reduces overhead costs and frees up the company to consider offering employees additional benefits. However, moving operations doesn't change the nature of work, so in many cases face-to-face client interactions are still necessary. For a simple solution, build a meeting center in the bustling Miami business district.

Reception desk

Plan for early bird clients with a nicely decorated waiting area. It should have a receptionist to greet the clients and offer water, coffee or another refreshment. Additionally, there should be a bathroom nearby in case guests need to use the facilities. Outfit this room with lounge chairs, sofas, side chairs and coffee tables.

Meeting room

It's a good idea for large companies to have multiple room setups.

Conference - Long conference tables are perfect for presentations and meetings with a high number of participants. Pick up executive style chairs to give clients a comfy place to sit.

One-on-one - For smaller meetings like one-on-one sessions you can either set up a small table and chairs, or two couches and a coffee table.

Now that you have the right furniture, planning is the next step to ensuring a successful client presentation.

Keys to a great meeting:

Know the client - Study up on the client to know what their business is about and how you can serve them. Read up on their portfolio to learn their accomplishments and opportunities to grow.

Set up an agenda - To make sure the meeting will run smoothly, set up an itinerary to remind yourself to ask important questions and showcase all the best features of your company.

Be prepared - Be sure all the presentation materials are printed out, bound or queued up on the computer before the meeting. Do this ahead of time to plan for any computer issues or other technical problems. Also, have extra notebooks and pens as well as presentation materials available in case additional people attending the meeting.

Listen - Make sure you pay attention to everything the client is saying so you clearly understand their goals and expectations.

Follow up - Send a thank-you note to the potential client for taking the time to meet. Also, if a week passes and you don't hear back from them, it's fine to send a follow-up message.

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Choosing the right furniture for a Miami community center

Every bustling metropolis needs a community center. Many times, the more the merrier. This building could serve all the people in a particular community or just a niche group. Whichever type the institution serves, it will ultimately help the people of Miami ensure their needs are met.

Types of community centers

Many community centers are designed to provide an outlet for youth. They give teens a place to go after school, providing them with a productive place to spend their time. Other centers might serve senior citizens and create an avenue to keep them active and social.

Work area

Traditional business furniture such as single-use desks, chairs and conference tables should be available to allow a variety of work to be done. Office desks can serve as an area to finish homework, while communal desks are meant to be used as a group. Dedicate enough room to let students finish school projects or conduct a study session. Additionally, many community institutions help people find jobs. A part of the center should be designated for career-building services.

Used furniture - Quality office equipment doesn't have to be expensive. Secondhand business furniture is a suitable option when budgets are tight. When they are purchased from a reputable dealer, they are often in a condition comparable to newer models.

Ergonomic chairs - All seating options (except sofas) should be ergonomic. Even though users most likely won't be sitting for 8 or more hours, chairs must still be comfortable. To encourage good posture, each should have an adjustable back rest and head rest.

Storage - Appropriate storage is necessary for all types or work spaces. To keep the center running smoothly, purchase new or used filing cabinets. The vertical and horizontal units can help keep essential paperwork organized.


As with offices, community centers need lounge space as well. There should be comfortable seating and coffee tables to encourage socialization.

Games - Activities don't necessarily have to be part of every type of public space, however it is a good option for a youth program.


If the budget includes funds for refreshments, a separate kitchen space is necessary. Offer healthy options like fruit and no-sugar-added juice.


Many adults and teens have access to Wi-Fi-powered tablets, laptops and mobile devices. Hardwired Internet access isn't enough in the modern world. The center should be outfitted with a wireless signal that can handle the capacity of all its users.

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Active chairs for office workstations

Sitting in a office chair for an extended period of time can cause lower back pain or even worsen an existing problem. As you sit in a chair, your back, shoulders, legs and arms will feel more stress and cause added pressure to your back muscles, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Spending an extended period of time in a chair also causes most workers to slouch, further straining spinal discs.

The right chair can help with back support and help you maintain good posture as you sit. According to The Wall Street Journal, the following active office chairs will give workers a safe seat in addition to a mini-workout. As you hunt for discount office furniture, consider the following chairs:

ErgoErgo: The ErgoErgo looks most like a cylinder and is made of recycled plastic. As you sit on the chair, your body will move and keep your core muscles engaged. The chair gives your body the ability to slightly sway in any direction, building flexibility.

Aeris Swooper: The Aeris Swooper has a significant cushion for added comfort. The chair's height and tension are adjustable. This allows users to utilize a range of motion which will strengthen abdominal muscles.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Should employees work through lunch?

Based on a recent study, you may need to provide office workstations with enough room for staff members to consume lunch. University of Toronto researchers have come to the conclusion that working during lunch and eating at the desk may not be harmful for employees.

"We found that a critical element was having the freedom to choose whether to do it or not," said John Trougakos, an associate professor of organizational behavior at University of Toronto and co-author of the study. "The autonomy aspect helps to offset what we had traditionally thought was not a good way to spend break time."

In the study, researchers asked employees what they did during lunch within a 10-day period. Then, they asked the participant's colleagues how tired they felt their co-workers seemed to be after lunch, according to Mother Nature Network. Researchers determined when given the choice to head out for a lunch break or consume a meal during work hours, employees who made the decision themselves were less stressed.

Among the reasons that some employees felt stressed about relaxing at work during lunchtime was the constant need to make a good impression. Continuous talk about business-related issues like a new client or deadline also seemed to stress workers. 

Based on this study, you may want to consider custom office workstations to design employee desks so they have ample space to finish lunch and a report at the same time. Given the choice to take a lunch and perhaps a custom office workstation, employee productivity and happiness can increase.

Smart storage solutions for a Fort Lauderdale home office

Working remotely is becoming ever more popular these days. According to The Charlotte Observer, 1 in 4 American households have home offices, which equates to 26 million residences. However, it's unknown how many of these workstations are optimized for productivity. One way to operate more efficiently is to have smart storage solutions.


Modern technology makes it possible for people to reduce their reliance on paper. Many files can be housed on computers and backup hard drives. Many people are digitizing their records with scanning equipment. With these machines it is easy to transform old receipts, tax forms, photographs and more into easy-to-find files.

Filing cabinets

Most likely there will be documents that you prefer to keep in a hard copy. In those cases, opt for a vertical filing system. Often people organize their space horizontally, yet forget about the prime real estate left unused toward the ceiling. Tall storage options are sturdy and can not only house your paperwork, they may also ward off water damage in times of extreme weather events.


A desk can take up a lot of room in a home office. Choose one with ample built-in storage. It can work double duty when it has shelving for hanging files and a wide surface for your computer.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Redesigning the C-suite for the modern world

In a time when office layouts are changing to encourage a natural flow of collaboration, C-suites must evolve as well. Chief executive offices, sometimes referred to as "silos," are moving toward closing the gap between themselves and the rest of their workforce.

According to Susan Saltonstall Duncan of Rainmaking Oasis, studies show that the silo office culture sometimes practiced is bad for growth and collaboration. Since departments are not housed together, there is less organic discussion which can lead to innovation. Cross-department task forces should be implemented to help foster mentoring. Additionally, it's important to measure the results of working as a group to generate new ideas and celebrate any positive impact it had on the company.

No matter how large or small the company, office geography can impact business and impede or encourage growth. Here are a few tips that move toward collaboration:


Transparency is the key. If a company needs a row of executive offices dedicated to an entire floor, it's helpful to let managers and other employees know there is an open line of communication. This can be fixed by regular meetings that brings various departments together. Additionally, a simple glass wall, door or window helps an office look less intimidating and can break down barriers.

Office hours

Similar to how university professors have office hours, a company executive can spend some time in a communal space. This is the perfect way to capitalize on modern lounges. These break rooms are evolving to operate as cafes, where there is access to technology in an inviting setting. Also, with networked systems it's simple to connect to the server and have access to files through a laptop. If a higher-up spends one or two hours working in this space, he or she is more visible and approachable. Not only can this person have a firsthand view of the buzz of the office, they will more better in touch with the company as a whole. 

Business furniture

Some say cubicles workstations limit collaboration, however it depends on the type installed in an office space. These desks are changing with the times as well, and designers are creating them to feel less cramped and offer more amenities. Some of the newer cubicles have a more organic layout with bench seating and drawing board space that encourages colleagues to visit and brainstorm.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Small space solutions for backroom offices

Not all companies operate out of standard office spaces. Some, like grocery store chains and restaurants, might only have a small room or corner to dedicate to a desk and chair. When this is the case, it's important to maximize space to support productivity.

Here are some suggestions on how to find the best business furniture to fit these situations:

Take measurements

First plan out your room to make sure you are using it efficiently. Is everything that is stored in this room or space necessary? If not, move the clutter elsewhere. For the items that must be stored in the room, find appropriate storage solutions.


Don't forget to think vertically. A tall rectangular bookshelf can be a better fit than a wide filing cabinet in some situations. Vertical filing cabinets are also available. Another tip is to plan for the doors. Some business owners may not consider how a wide door on a storage unit might take up space.

Multi-purpose tables

In all types of businesses, real estate comes at a premium. Multi-use tables are a good option since they are available in a variety of shapes. Choose from round, rectangle, square and cylinder styles. These surfaces can often times roll up and be taken elsewhere when not needed.


A traditional desk might not work in a small space. Yes, matching pieces may look professional, but they can take up too much room. Consider contemporary desks that may be more streamlined than their counterparts. They are available in a variety of arrangements and shapes. If space allows, fit an L-shape unit into your backroom office. However, there are also rectangular models which fit into corners nicely.

Ergonomic chair

Untraditional offices also need ergonomic seating. These chairs help avoid sprains and other injuries by adjusting to fit the user. Ergonomic products don't have to be expensive. They can be purchased used. However, its important to be sure you source them from a reputable dealer. This is to ensure the quality to the equipment.


There are other tools to consider to have a complete office space, like task lighting. Sometimes overhead lighting isn't enough. A targeted task unit can shine directly on the project at hand. If the room is too dim, eyes can be strained and lighting that is too bright can cause headaches for some people.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Open layout tips for Miami government offices

The General Services Administration (GSA) building has revamped its office space in Washington. The new look boasts a cubicle-free layout, according Federal News Radio.

Office workstations

This modern, open-concept space includes a laptop docking station, Internet connection and 22-inch monitor. Since many employees don't have a dedicated workstation, they can make a reservation using software provided by

Common areas

GSA's communal room is set up in a coffee shop layout. Tables and seating options are available that sit low to the ground. Additionally, the chairs have no backrest yet aren't designed for prolonged use. The goal for this space is short collaboration sessions and meetings.

Conference center

Reflecting industry trends, the redesigned building has a larger conference center that can fit up to 250 people. All of the business furniture in this room is adjustable, while the walls are movable. In this way, the space is flexible enough to meet the needs of the office.

Working from home

According to the source, there is only one desk for every two people, which translates to a push toward working from home.

Applying open space layout to other government offices

City clerks and other municipal offices can use this redesign project as inspiration. With the widespread availability of Internet access, more employees can work remotely. In turn, these layouts take up less space, thus freeing up valuable real estate. If budget is an issue, second hand business furniture can be purchased at a discount. When sourced from reputable vendors, these tables, desks and chairs are comparable in style and quality to their brand new counterparts.

Additionally, the entire office doesn't have to completely move away from cubicle workstations. Downscaling the group can provide employees an option of working from these units when they need the space.

Lastly, it's important to have ergonomic chairs in the budget for an office remodeling project. These chairs are vital to the health of each employee. Studies have shown that sedentary lifestyles, often promoted by office work, can lead to adverse health conditions. To combat this, office furniture manufactures offer ergonomic options that are adjustable to the height of each user. Additionally, these chairs should have a backrest that can be altered to align with the individual's back. This not only promotes good posture, it helps to avoid sprains and spasms.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Contemporary furniture trends for your Miami office

The world is moving at a fast pace, forcing companies (and their furniture trends) to keep up. Staying on top of contemporary models of office workstations can help employers find more efficient ways of conducting business.

Look to other cutting-edge office layouts to gather inspiration. While technology plays a big role in the modern workplace, some of the new features just require a change in layout and design.

Theater seating

When it's necessary to get a large group of people into one space, companies have turned to stadium seating. Easy-to-assemble furniture and ergonomic chairs on wheels have made this possible.


Having a variety of seating options is helpful in allowing employees to change up their scenery throughout the day. They may prefer working at their cubicle workstations in the morning, but might head to the communal lounge bench for the last hour of the day. 

Soft furniture

With the range of portable devices in the hands of many individuals, working from a sofa or couch can be a productive exercise. In an open lounge space, make a variety of comfortable seating options available.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Setting up the break room to boost employee morale

It's important not to downplay the benefits of a break room. Not only does it give employees a chance to take a few moments away from their office cubicles, it allows them to recharge for the rest of the day. This breaks the monotony of work, which promotes a clear head.

Not sure what makes up a successful break room? From the necessary basics to the extra perks, here is what's needed:

Food preparation

Microwave - Employees have lunch and sometimes dinner in the office. It may not always be convenient or cost effective for workers to venture out and purchase meals when they could bring a dish from home. Nowadays, many break rooms are equipped with a microwave. Many portable lunches are geared toward this unit, which makes it a necessity.

Toaster oven - While it isn't crucial to have a toaster oven in a break room, employees may want one. Take the temperature of the office. Are there lots of bagels and sandwiches that could benefit from a few minutes in an oven? These small touches are conveniences for employees that can go a long way.

Coffee - Just like a water cooler, the company coffee machine is a well-visited feature. The question many employers ask is: Who should provide the coffee? Going along the lines of boosting morale, free caffeine can help keep workers alert and focused. Traditional coffee machines are a thing of the past, and Keurig machines and other single cup brewers are the choice of the market. K-cup sellers are even geared toward providing bulk supplies.


A great break room with the best amenities will be in vain if it isn't kept clean. It should be clearly stated in employee memos and correspondences that it is the responsibility of each person to pick up after him or herself. However, from time to time management needs to check in on the status of the room to be sure it is well-stocked and clean.

Internet access

While the company may have a Wi-Fi server built for on-the-go business, it may be beneficial to consider allowing employees to use it as well. These days, with the ubiquity of modern technology, many people have smartphones and tablet devices that need Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. Creating a platform where workers can check personal emails, bank statuses and social networking sites during down time will let them know their needs are important.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The ultimate ergonomic workstation for your Miami home office

Whether someone is a home-based entrepreneur or has the luxury of working remotely, office workstations should be ergonomic. Unlike their more traditional counterparts, home offices are furnished by the user. So they can be equipped for maximum comfort.

Desk injuries

There are a number of ways to become hurt at your desk. Repetitive strain injury is often caused by a poorly formed desk arrangement. The simple act of slouching can tense shoulders, pitch nerves and strain wrists.

Here is what you need to have an ergonomic office space:

Ergonomic chair

Cushion - The seating on a chair should be a plush yet firm surface. Additionally, units with breathable fabric are a better option.

Seat height - A good rule of thumb is for a person's thighs to run parallel to the floor, and feet should be planted firmly. It's best for arms to rest at desk or keyboard height.

Back rest - It's easy to slouch when sitting for prolonged periods. An adjustable back rest accounts for posture and counteract that. In most cases, it should point forward to encourage a straight posture.

Swivel and roll features - Reaching for far-away items can lead to muscle strain. Opt for a swivel chair with wheels to easily move from place to place.


A mouse and keyboard should be directly adjacent to each other. Keyboards with numerical pads shouldn't be directly centered on desks. Look for the "B" key and use that as a marker to place in front of the user. Also, look for the add-on wrist rests for both the keyboard and mouse.


Set up the computer screen in front of the user, and adjust the display. A slight angle is easier on the eyes.

Extra measures

Breaks - Home-based offices lack daily interaction, so there may be no need to get up and walk around. But it's important to take breaks because extended periods of sitting, in a ergonomic workstation or not, can take a toll on the body.

The 20-20-20 rule - An easy to remember tip is to look away from your monitor every 20 minutes at an object 20 feet away for a full 20 seconds. It helps keep eyes oxygenated and flexible.

Posture - Working from home can cause bad habits such as slouching. It's important to be mindful of posture to not slip into a harmful position.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.