Friday, November 29, 2013

New development planned for Wynood art district

Wynwood is a bustling art district in Miami. The area used to be filled with a range of warehouses and manufacturing structures. But with the wave of new development in the region, this neighborhood had a renaissance as well. Today, you will find tons of art galleries, antique shops and other cultural retail locations in Wynwood.

According to the South Florida Business Journal, a 22,462-square-foot building located in this neighborhood was just sold and the new owners plan on redeveloping it. The purchasing company, New Wynwood 25, is based out of New York and has plans to turn the space into a showroom in addition to a restaurant and retail space.

"This transaction represents a rapidly increasing presence of high-profile investors from New York and beyond who believe in the emerging neighborhood of Wynwood as a future hub for retail, office and residential use," Jason Weisman, a Metro 1 agent who represents the buyer, told the source.

As popular Miami neighborhoods like Wynwood continue to grow, companies moving to the area will need the right business furniture for their offices. Whether they choose plush guest chairs, conference tables, contemporary office workstations or other equipment, the furniture must be purchased from a reputable source to be a smart business investment.

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Worldcenter lands two big-name tenants

There are many new projects underway in downtown Miami, and the Worldcenter is just one of them. According to The Real Deal, the development project has recently landed two big-name tenants, Macy's and Bloomingdale's.

The Worldcenter is being constructed in the heart of the city and will serve as the ultimate mixed use set of buildings, blending entertainment, hotel, residential, restaurant and commercial properties.

Each of these different entities need the right business furniture to help support the companies. The type of equipment needed varies between each one, but there are a few foundational principles of office desks and chairs.

Office workstations

Before you outfit your business with furniture, study the type of work being done. Ask yourself if the desks and conference tables are suitable for the tasks you are completing. If necessary, customize contemporary workstations to ensure you are getting what fits the needs of your employees best.

Ergonomic chairs

At the foundation of an efficient workplace is ergonomic seating. These chairs adjust in either the neck rest, back rest or both. This allows each to conform to the user, which helps limit strains and other workplace injuries.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Global Entrepreneurship Week proves need for business-minded professionals

Global Entrepreneurship Week recently commenced in Miami to celebrate the growth of international markets. This is not surprising because the city is located in a strategic place and receives lots of business for surrounding countries like Mexico, Brazil and nations in the Caribbean.

For this week-long event, entrepreneurs gathered in South Florida representing many different industries and ventures. According to the Miami Herald, the paneled discussions included talks on technology education, digital media and crowdfunding. Conferences like this are fueling the next wave of business-minded professionals to lead them to success.

Startup: Miami and The Atlantic will host a round of pitch sessions on Dec. 9. Each entrepreneur will compete to present their business plan at the annual Startup event in February. 

Business furniture

As business professionals prepare their presentations and meet with the right investors, they will be on their way to launching their new endeavor. To support the company, quality equipment will need to be purchased. Startups often have limited funds, so used office furniture is a smart option. However, be sure you purchase from a reputable dealer to ensure you buy sturdy office workstations, desks, conference tables and ergonomic chairs.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Design District retailer expansions increases need for quality office furniture

Miami's Design District is the place to get your fill of shopping. The neighborhood has many world-class retailers, from Christian Louboutin and Cartier to Hermes and Pucci. In fact, the area is so desired that many popular shopping destinations in the Design District are being revamped and expanding.

The development company Dacra has helped made the Design District what it is today.

"Dacra has transformed this once-abandoned area of Miami into a community dedicated to art and design," Dacra's website states. "Today, the Miami Design District is home to art galleries, design showrooms, artist lofts, design and architecture firms, media companies, luxury retail, restaurants and urban residences, as well as internationally renowned cultural events."

According to Bilzin Sumberg's New Miami Blog, the development company is planning another upscale retail location in more than 500,000 square feet of land in the Design District. A couple of the planned tenants include Prada and Louis Vuitton.

Office furniture

Traditional - Luxury retailers need business furniture that is going to match their stylish aesthetic. For companies that have been in business a long time like Chanel, traditional furniture is best. These desks are large units made from a solid wood construction. They have sturdy structures and storage space to meet a range of needs.

Contemporary - For another option - perhaps a commercial retailer that focuses on trendy goods - contemporary furniture might be a good choice. These office workstations are simple, yet help support an efficient workplace. You choose the type of desk based on the needs of your workforce. Even cubicles have been remodeled to be bright workstations instead of cramped units. 


Seating is an important part of the workplace. It's vital that each and every employee has a comfortable place to sit. Task chairs work well for guests. However, be sure to have ergonomic seats for workers that sit for prolonged periods.

Conference rooms

Luxury department stores often host trunk shows and other events. It's important to have a suitable place for people to present, whether it be to the company or consumers. Get a conference table to fit the space appropriately. Some of these surfaces have slots to hide away computer cords. Additionally, be sure to have enough plush guest chairs for clients and other people viewing your presentations.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Outfitting Miami's South Beach with the right office equipment

South Beach is a popular neighborhood in Miami. It is filled with tons of nightlife, beaches and good times. It boasts art deco architecture and lots of amenities worthy of any vacation. Additionally, the area also has a prime real estate market, with investors choosing to buy property in this district to boost their portfolio.

This is exactly the case with an 8,300-square-foot building in the area's fashion ward. The structure houses the luxury retailer Guess and sold for $12.5 million, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

"The building is a trophy retail asset located in the heart of the Collins Avenue fashion district," Drew Kristol, broker of the deal and a vice president of investments at Marcus & Millichap, told the source. "Guess has occupied the property since 1998, and over the years has re-invested into their build-out. The new owner is an excellent position to capitalize on the below market in-place rental structure."

Another commercial retail property in South Beach is up for sale. It's a mix-use building located on a 1/2 acre of land. Numerous stores call this place home, including IZOD, Williams-Sonoma, H&M and Gap.

As Miami continues to be a strong player in the real-estate industry, new structures and sales of existing units mean an influx of new companies, commercial and otherwise. Most places need proper furniture to support the workforce. Furnishing an office space may seem like a simple task, yet the most successful entities put lots of thought into the design of the office and business furniture choices.

Office workstations

Retail establishments have various uses for office equipment. Each store has an administrative component where managers need to complete payroll, scheduling, floor sets and other supporting work. Many times this space is cramped because the best real estate is left for the sales floor. So it is important to use this area wisely.

If there is a tight corner, fill it with a desk in the same shape. If you have an open space, use contemporary workstations made of long desks with individual working stations for each employee. Furnish private offices with traditional furniture that comes with matching storage. These wooden desks offer a quality working surface and are perfect to meet with interviewees and other business professionals.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finding the right furniture for a Coral Gables office

Coral Gables was designed with beauty in mind. The founders built it to reflect the wealth of the region with vast gardens and ornate architectural features. And as the rest of South Florida is seeing growth and interest from investors, this city is being affected as well.

This town has positioned itself as "a gateway to Latin America," as founder George Merrick once predicted. Now there are many consulates and international ties within its boundaries.

New developments

The Building on Ponce Circle is a new structure filled with 58,000 square feet of Class A office space. Like many buildings in the area, retail establishments, like Violeta Pasteleria, have leased space in this location. Other companies like First Bank Florida and Caliber Home Loans will fill the space too, according to Miami's Community Newspapers. This marks an 80 percent occupancy rate, which means a good outlook for the area's real estate market.

As new developments continue to be built in the area, companies filled with savvy entrepreneurs must fill the space. And in order to be productive each day, the entire team must have the right business furniture.

Office workstations

It's not a secret that technology has changed the way people do business. But while many things are virtual or completed online, people still need appropriate work surfaces. The modern desk is streamlined for efficiency. Additionally, many of the units are customizable so they can fit the needs of various departments. Some professionals might need a large amount of office space, while others would benefit more from a larger working surface. Study the needs of your environment to ensure you buy appropriate furniture.

Ergonomic chairs

It can't be said enough that ergonomic chairs are important for a strong foundation of a business. Employees aren't productive if they don't have a comfortable place to sit. Each seat needs to be adjustable and to conform to the posture of each user.


Many workstations have built-in storage, however, some companies need to keep a large amount of hard copies on file. When this is the case, buy appropriate filing cabinets. Take stock of what you need to store or what future projections will be. There are a range of styles from which to choose, including vertical and horizontal units. Be sure they are sturdy and of a good quality because they will be housing very important documents.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Outfitting your Class B and C Miami office space

It's not a surprise that Miami is a hotbed for development. The coastal city is strategically located in an area close to many international business markets. Current Class A office vacancy is low, which causes investors to have to look to Class B options or new construction. Many industry professionals are doing both.

"Spec construction is finally coming back," Ralph Kittrell, a principal and investment officer at Exeter Property Group, told "I think you have to look at a lot of opportunities and not stay too focused on one thing. We are probably going to put about 15 percent of our fund in office and 20 percent to 25 percent in spec or new construction."

Class B and C

Class B and C space is available in Miami's submarkets. These areas like the Design District, Midtown and Medley still have low enough rents where you can lease a unit before the neighborhood's value catches up with it.

These units don't have the same amenities as Class A offices because they are housed in older buildings. B-units are often of good quality while some of the C-models might need renovation. But with the booming real estate industry in Miami, it's smart to get in these coveted office spaces before the prices skyrocket.

This is a good option for startups and entrepreneurs who have less funds to cover overhead. To reduce expenses even more, furnish your office space wisely.

Used office furniture

Business owners who are looking for low-cost solutions to equip their offices should seek secondhand business furniture. These desks and chairs are often comparable in style and quality to their new counterparts. Additionally, the best dealers buy merchandise in bulk in order to offer matching sets of cubicles and other office workstations.


To stay with the contemporary vibe that Miami exudes, purchase modern desks and chairs. Many of these workstations were designed to flow with open-space layouts. As a result, these units don't have partitions, which can limit collaboration. However, if your employees need privacy, you can opt for traditional cubicles.


Ergonomics chairs are necessary for every office. They have adjustable parts to help the user have a more comfortable and personalized seat. Look for secondhand office chairs as well as new ones during your shopping process.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Choosing the right office furniture for Miami entrepreneurship

Miami is praised for many things, and having a large population of entrepreneurs is part of what makes the city an economic powerhouse. The Florida Venture Forum is gearing up to host its annual conference in late January by seeking corporate presenters.

This member-based organization has been in business for 30 years. The Forum has educational programs that help foster the next generation of entrepreneurs by teaching them about management, finance, human resources and more. Additionally, the group obtains funding for these professionals and helps them gain networking skills.

According to the Miami Herald, the Design District, Wynwood and Brickell are among some of the neighborhoods where growth is prevalent. Amid the various hospitality and real estate businesses, social entrepreneurship is also thriving. For example, the Rising Tide Car Wash opened in Broward County to employ people with autism.

There are a variety of components that make up a successful business venture. The people leading the company need to have the know-how to do the work and their efforts need to be supported by an efficient working space.

Office workstations

Today's streamlined office furniture is a great cost-effective yet quality form of business furniture. Many of these desks were designed to limit waste and house numerous employees in a small space. However the workstations still have ample room for each employee to complete tasks efficiently.

Ergonomic chairs

Ensure each desk has a comfortable seat. Ergonomic chairs are the industry standard when it comes to sitting for long periods of time. They are available in a range of colors, styles and shapes, yet they have an adjustable seat. This allows you to adjust either the neck, backrest or both to provide hours of comfort. Consider the models with wheels to have better accessibility between coworkers. 

Conference room

It's important to have a quality presentation area. This room allows corporate-level employees to meet with investors to obtain additional funding, if needed. Equip the room with a quality table with slots to house computer cords. Additionally, be sure you fill the room with an ample amount of plush guest chairs.


With modern technology you can store most of your files in digital formats on external hard drives. But for the amount of physical storage still needed, choose sturdy metal filing cabinets. These are available in horizontal and vertical styles.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Designing an efficient workspace for Miami health care offices

Just like Miami is seeing a boom in real estate and financial offices, the city is also receiving growth in the health care field. According to the South Florida Business Review, the Cleveland Clinic recently opened an office in Broward County. It's a 3,500-square-foot space located in Parkland. It will serve people in the areas of dermatology, orthopedics, rheumatology, nephrology and more. Additionally, there will be a $830 million expansion to the Jackson Health System (JHS), according to the source. The medical institution has various locations throughout Miami. Additionally, JHS is looking to work with local small businesses on this project. 

Health care design

Health care offices are similar to other places of business that conduct administrative work. And like those other entities, medical offices are evolving with the times. According to Healthcare Design magazine, these spaces need to support the wave of technology used by industry professionals. This includes communicating through video, email and texting.


In order for health care offices to adopt modern, open layouts, they'll need to create departmental hubs. Patient privacy is of the utmost concern for these institutions, so work needs to be completed away from customers. Create large offices where employees under the same branch can work together and collaborate.

Office workstations

Contemporary workstations offer a more streamlined version than desks of the past. They come in a variety of designs as well. Some feature long desks with portioned out workstations for each employee. Each cove has an area for the worker to sit, with ample room for comfort. Other forms of these desks offer even more space and are built in an L-shape. They provide shelving for employees to house important medical files and other materials.

Conference rooms

Medical offices receive many requests to host meetings where pharmaceutical representatives can present new products. It's important to have a conference room that can fit each doctor and support the technology used in these gatherings. Choose a sturdy conference table with slots to hide cords for laptops and other devices.

Used furniture

Revamping any office space can be expensive. And when a health care building is upgraded, going over budget can limit amenities for patients. Consider purchasing discount office furniture. As long as you purchase these desks, chairs and storage systems from a reputable dealer, you will have quality business furniture.

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Choosing the right workstation for commercial real estate in Miami

The Global Diversity Summit (GDS) took place in November, promoting ethnic minorities in the commercial real estate industry. It was located in downtown Miami at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Each year the conference gives an opportunity for business professionals to network with 500 other people in similar fields, according to Greenfield Advisors.

Miami is situated in a strategic area in the global marketplace. With laws changing in Latin America, many foreign companies are setting up branches in this international city. Additionally, GDS designates certain people as scholars. The program is open to those enrolled full-time in an educational program with interest in commercial real estate, construction, urban planning, design and more.

To support new business, there is also a wide range of development in Miami. In the downtown area construction is underway to build a city center that will offer a variety of office and retail space.

If you are an ethnic minority, take advantage of some of the programs the city has to offer. As you launch your own business, or help an established one grow, make sure it has the right equipment.

Office workstations

In the grand scheme of things business furniture may not seem that important to the function of a company, but it's vital. In order for any type of entity - commercial real estate or otherwise - to run efficiently, each employee has to be equipped with the necessary tools. Of course in the modern world this means a computer, keyboard and mouse. But it also points to a quality working environment. Many times choosing a one-size-fits-all surface for a worker can interfere with his or her productivity. If you are upgrading furniture, monitor how different departments work, then choose pieces accordingly.

Sales and customer support - These professionals may need cubicles workstations. If they use the phone on a consistent basis, partitions can help drown out the sound.

Administrative - Employees that conduct a lot of computer-based work most likely only need a simple surface with ample storage space.

Creative - Graphic artists and copy editors need to collaborate to work efficiently. It's best for them to work in an open-space environment where they have their own station yet can connect with another employee easily.

Lastly, if you are upgrading furniture or making the move to a new space, consider used office furniture. These units are much more cost-efficient than their new counterparts and often look just the same.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Choosing the right business furniture for Brickell offices

Brickell is a business district in Miami that borders downtown and Coconut Grove. It's a coastal neighborhood filled with universities, skyscrapers, hotels and other business entities.

Swire Properties is planning a new development where the Northern Trust Banking building resides, according to Miami New Times. The new structure will be the tallest tower in the city and it serves as the second stage of Brickell City Centre. In total, the project will be a $1.05 billion mixed-use space when complete. There will be 5.4 million square feet of hotel, retail, office and entertainment real estate. Additionally, the Metromover train stations will be incorporated into the design.

If your business is planning on leasing office space in this business center or any of the other new developments in Brickell, you need furniture to match the quality of the buildings.

Executive offices

Desks - In order to establish yourself as a key player in the tropical region of Miami, you'll have to display a certain level of professionalism. Equip each executive-level office with traditional desks. These office workstations convey a look of quality with their solid wood foundations and paneled accents. Many of these desks have matching hutches that serve as storage coves. Additionally, they provide extra surface area to complete work.

Ergonomic chairs - Plush executive chairs are also available in ergonomic styles. Pick up these seating options because they are vital to a healthy workforce. The height and backrests of these chairs adjust to encourage appropriate posture and comfort.


Most company headquarters have boardrooms where executive level staff members sit and plan big-picture projects for the company. Equip this room with long conference tables and guests chairs. Contemporary models have been updated to work with technology. Many have outlets and shelving to power and hide away equipment.

Client lounges

In the corporate world, how you treat your client says a lot about your business. Be sure to provide a comfortable and brightly lit waiting area. The seating should be plush yet firm and streamlined to fit contemporary styles. Keep a beverage center nearby so your staff can greet clients with refreshments once they arrive. A variety of armchairs, sofas and coffee tables would work well in this space. It's best to set up this room in an area with large windows, showcasing Miami's skyline or ocean views.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Outfitting your office space in Miami's global downtown marketplace

Miami's downtown redevelopment project has positioned itself as a destination for international business dealings. Touted as "the new global city" by the Wall Street Journal, the area spans the Central Business District, Brickell and the Arts and Entertainment District. 

The proof that this area is a hub for global business is apparent in its demographics. Downtown Miami is home to 60 international banks, 26 foreign trade offices and 29 consulates, according to Miami Development Authority. The main industry in this area is finance and banking dealing with Latin American entities. Additionally, many overseas companies have set up U.S. branches in Miami rather than New York City.

The office space housing all this business encompasses 18 million square feet of Class A and B areas. A total of 900,000 square feet in the development is new. If your company is moving operations to this vibrant city, outfit the space with appropriate furniture.

Streamlined workstations

To match the bright mood of an office located in Miami, purchase light-colored furniture. Oak office workstations look great with a pop of color, which some of these desks feature. If you opt for a more traditional look, cherry wood elicits a refined and polished vibe.

Ergonomic chairs

The importance of ergonomic chairs can't be stressed enough. With a large portion of employees completing the bulk of their work from behind a desk, it's important to provide comfortable seats for them. Ergonomic chairs have adjustable heights, head rests or back rests. This allows each seat to conform to the user and help limit back strains and other workplace injuries. 

Lounge area

Global business is all about networking and collaborating. Set up a lounge to meet business partners. This is a less formal setting than a traditional conference room. Choose contemporary furniture if you want to convey a modern aesthetic. Or you can opt for traditional, yet classic, seating and chairs. You can meet each client here with light refreshments to get preliminary conversations underway.

Conference room

Depending on your business operations, you may need more than one type of meeting room. Sort them by size. Create a large board room-type setup where everyone can get together for quarterly meetings and presentations. Buy a long table seating 12 people or more in this area. The medium-sized meeting room can serve as a place for managers to meet monthly with their teams. A 6- to 8-person conference table is suitable for this type of use.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The industrial boom continues in Miami's Medley submarket

The submarket of Medley is tucked into the northern part Miami-Dade County. During the 1960s it was primarily an industrial town with more than 300 businesses. Today, it's a growing community with 1,700 companies housed in the 8 square miles of this district.

According to an industrial highlights report compiled by Jones Lang LaSalle, Medley has leasing deals taking place with a variety of companies, including the transportation logistics firm Traffic Tech, which has secured a 37,000-square-foot space in the area. Additionally, supply chain company OHL signed a lease for an 186,000-square-foot space in the Pan American North Business Park.

There is also new construction in the area. Liberty Property Trust, which is a $7.3 billion real estate investment firm dealing with office and industrial space, is building an 150,000-square-foot structure at Miami International Tradeport. Flagler has two construction projects underway and IIT has plans to break ground on a building in the Pan American North Business Park.

The Medley submarket is still a hub for industrial firms and for companies that maintain logistics so everything runs smoothly. To increase your chance of having a successful business you'll need an effective office space.

Office workstations

In order to support an industrial business, administrative work needs to run efficiently. These businesses deal with a massive amount of output with many different movable parts. Purchase streamlined workstations customized to fit your needs. If you require many office-type units, opt for cubicles. Some of the contemporary models have been upgraded to feature transparent walls to make the room feel less cramped. Additionally, the desks have built-in storage that allows people to access their files easily.

Ergonomic chairs

Anyone who works a full-time shift at a seated desk should have an ergonomic chair. It supports your back because it adjusts to conform to your posture and leg length. Additionally, it can help limit sick days because fewer people will develop workplace injuries.

Conference rooms

Choose the right conference table to meet your business needs. Sometimes the administrative workforce is small compared to the industrial side. If that is the case, all you need is a 4- to 6-person conference table. However, if you have a large workforce, you will need a longer desk. There also are a variety of guest and task chairs that match the look of different conference tables.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Choosing the right business furniture for your downtown Doral office

Doral is a newly incorporated city. In the summer of 2003 it joined the other 34 municipalities in Miami-Dade County. Just like its neighboring metropolis, the town has seen interest from developers creating new commercial spaces. One of the biggest projects is to revamp the downtown area.

Codina Partners is the development group that has landed the contract to build a portion of downtown Doral, according to the South Florida Business Journal. The group has partnered with Lennar Corp. to create 180,000 square feet of retail space. The first phase of development is scheduled to break ground in early 2014. Additionally, the project will create 1 million square feet of office space and more than half has already been completed.

In the industrial real estate sector a $3.4 million deal was just brokered for a large 29,385 square-foot building, according to the source. This large structure has 24-foot ceiling heights and will soon be home to TVA Automotive. The company sells driveline auto parts and will use the structure for a warehouse and office space.

With the influx of new real estate in Doral, tenants will need to equip their spaces with quality business furniture.


When a large commercial business occupies a building, it will need office space in addition to the sales floor. If administrative space is limited, then you will need to purchase furniture wisely. Modern office workstations are streamlined to take up minimal room, yet allow employees to complete all their tasks. Whether your employees are dealing with order fulfillment or customer service, you can choose the right desk to meet their needs.


Miami is a vibrant market for many industries. It's located in an area that has easy access to international companies as well as U.S.-based organizations. If your company chooses to set up operations out of Doral or build a satellite office in this new city, purchase contemporary office furniture to match the space. Private offices can have solid desks, and wood is a great material. Matching workstations with storage fixtures can help create a consistent design. Additionally, complementary furniture looks professional when meeting with clients.


Warehouses and other industrial entities also need office space. In this case, second hand business furniture might be a good option. When purchased from a reputable supplier used office equipment is durable yet more affordable than its brand new counterparts.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Office design for the modern hotel and travel company

The skyline in Miami's Midtown district is becoming more crowded as businesses construct new buildings. From business headquarters to mega malls to hotels, new skyscrapers are popping up like daisies. When it comes to the hotel and travel industry, Arquitectonica has revealed the first of its renderings for a new Midtown hotel. According to Curbed Miami, the building features a geometric design with balconies that coat the outside like stacked sticks. The facade has a look of a jigsaw puzzle fitting together. 

When the building is added to the Miami skyline, it is sure to get a lot of attention. The fact that yet another building is being designed in the hotel and travel industry just goes to show that business is booming. In fact, Travel Weekly called Miami a "hotel boomtown." Now is the time to invest in the industry. If your business is already located in Miami it may be a good time for upgrades. One way to keep your office contemporary is to choose the proper furniture. Here's a look at how to keep your travel or hotel business competitive in this market. 


Start an office renovation with the reception desk. As hotel and travel is a service industry, your office should tell those coming in that you are here to wait on them. Clients coming in to seek your aid in their travel endeavors will be more likely to stay for your services if they feel welcome. Choose a sleek modern design to show you are ahead in the industry.


Next pick chairs for a waiting area. They should look inviting. Hotel and travel is selling a life of ease. Whether you make customers feel at home away from home or help their next trip go smoothly, let the relaxing start here. While you're looking for seating options, don't forget to get your receptionist an ergonomic chair. This comfortable seat will have him or her thanking you later. 

Don't forget to have water available nearby so that guests can grab a drink. A coffee or tea station is another way to make them feel at home and at ease. 


Now that your clients can see you are there to serve, it's time to take care of your own. Office cubicles in a traditional layout will give your employees a chance to talk in private with clients. However, in the competitive world of hotel and travel, you may want to show your modern side through your furniture instead. Choose office workstations that don't cut the room into sections. This will allow natural light to flow through the space. 

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Finding the right business furniture for your Sunny Isles Beach oceanfront office

Sunny Isles Beach is one of South Florida's most coveted cites. It's situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. The small urban town is filled with beaches and towering structures.

The recent upswing in development has mostly involved residential buildings. More young families are choosing Sunny Isles Beach as a full- or part-time home. Collins Avenue is the main thoroughfare where the new projects reside.

The Dezer Development has planned a new structure at 18080 Collins Ave. The 45,000-square-foot building will serve as office space for the area's business professionals. This mix-use building has 16,480 square feet of Class-A space allocated in a 17-story structure. Additionally 4,000 square feet have been planned for a retail financial institution.

This is just one example of the recent developments in Sunny Isles Beach. If your company is moving to this oceanfront city, consider a layout that matches the tropical yet opulent feel of the area.

Ocean views

Sunny Isles has endless views of the ocean. Water can be seen from multiple vantage points. Capitalize on the wealth of the region's natural resources with an open layout. Don't obstruct the views of the floor-to-ceiling windows that many of the buildings contain. House the bulk of your employees in a communal space. Then your corporate officers can also enjoy the views in their private offices. The key is to let the bright light in to achieve an upbeat and cheery workplace atmosphere.

Contemporary furniture

Pick up contemporary office workstations to match the features of these modern buildings. Each desk has a streamlined look providing ample storage and counter space. Additionally, many of these workstations were designed for efficiency. They only take up a small amount of room yet have enough space for each employee. Some also have small partitions if employees need a bit of privacy.

Ergonomic chairs - Modern seating is all about ergonomics. Each chair should have a comfortable cushion and back rest. Additionally, it should adjust to fit the height and posture level of each user.

Client lounge

Business deals don't always have to be completed in traditional offices or meeting rooms. Consider setting up a comfortable lounge space in a well-lit area. You can have preliminary chats with vendors and clients in a laid back environment that takes advantage of everything the area has to offer.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Miami's Airport District is a hub for Class-A real estate

Miami's airport district is in the backyard of the city's international airfield. Like many neighborhoods surrounding major transportation ports, it's a hub for development featuring new hotels and office buildings.

Blue Lagoon Drive is just west of the airport and serves as the watering ground for corporate and commercial real estate.

"Blue Lagoon is one of Miami's 'go-to' submarkets for major corporate users and Fortune 500 companies entering the South Florida region or expanding their presence here," Danet Linares, executive vice president of Blanca Commercial Real Estate, said in a statement.

Waterford Centre is a prime example of the fast-paced growth of the region. The building recently signed a new leasing company and its occupancy rate rose 93 percent. This is a 20 percent increase from the previous year. Four of those new leases sold in Class-A office space, now belonging to Remy Cointreau, McAfee, Whirlpool and Franklin Street.

If your company is making the move to the MIA Airport District, you'll need business furniture to match the affluent style of the neighborhood. Class-A buildings or offices are made from the highest quality materials. Here are a few examples of furniture that matches that profile.

Office workstations

To match the sunny climate of Miami you'll need contemporary workstations. Whether desks are used for your sales force or administrative department, you can customize them to fit your needs. Choose contemporary cubicles that feature partitions, yet don't close off employees from each other. If people will be on the phone more often, you might opt for traditional cubicles workstations that have been upgraded to offer a more comfortable working area. 

Private offices

To serve your executives in their private offices, equip the rooms with traditional wood desks. These durable workstations have matching shelves to provide a well-designed space. Also include plush executive chairs.

Conference rooms

Set up a modernized conference room for company presentations. Install glass walls and doors so the room won't feel cramped. This also gives a more transparent feel to the company culture. Choose a large table that can fit all your guests. The wood styles convey a traditional vibe while the glass versions are a contemporary choice.


Set up a lounge so guests have a place to sit while they wait for the meeting to begin. Include comfortable furniture like lounge seating. These chairs and sofas have plush yet firm cushions. Also, be sure to include coffee tables so people have somewhere to rest their beverages and bags.

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Picking the right business furniture for Miami's Wynwood art district

What was once a warehouse-filled manufacturing district of Miami is now a bustling art mecca. In the last 10 years, Wynwood has seen a stark change in demographics. The neighborhood contains 70 art galleries, retail shops and bars. Additionally, every Saturday there is a large open-air street festival where local crafters showcase their work.

Wynwood is a large district in Miami and is adjacent to Midtown and Edgewater. According to the South Florida Business Journal, large developers have taken an interest in this neighborhood, with a 104,750 square feet piece of real estate recently selling for $8.5 million. Additionally, Ducati Miami, a luxury motorcycle brand, is set to be the anchor tenant in a showroom in the Gateway Building.

So if you choose to open an office in one of the new developments in this vibrant art district, you'll need furniture to match. Here are a few tips to help you furnish your new creative space:

Office layout

Contemporary creative firms operate in open space environments. There aren't many walls in these layouts because barriers can hinder collaboration. Instead, loft areas are built with a mix of traditional rooms and large communal spaces.

Windows - Take advantage of Miami's sunlight with large windows. Creative people need to experience nature and other sensory stimulating elements to fuel idea generation. The goal is to make the office space feel less cramped and more inviting.

Workstations - Have the bulk of your employees sit at office workstations. These units come in a variety of sizes and have customizable features. The models with bench seating offer a casual workspace perfect for laid back company cultures. Others have more of structured design with partial walls that provide the ultimate balance between privacy and coworker accessibility.

Chairs - Equip each office workstation with an ergonomic chair. This seating option is available in numerous styles, helping maintain a cohesive balance between function and design. Choose one with a stylish mesh back rest or an interesting print.

Accessories - Don't let technology get in the way of your creative workspace. Many desks have built-in slots through which to feed cables. If you need extra light, there are a variety of sleek modern desk lamps available. Additionally, graphic designers can mount their keyboard or monitors to the wall or working surface.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Miami's Design District sees an uptick in commercial real estate

It's a fact that Miami is a hotbed of real estate growth. According to Florida Trend, many developers are flocking to the area to take advantage of trade and port projects. But the influx of activity isn't confined to the usual areas. New parts of the city are being sought after for commercial purposes.

Miami's Design District used to only house furniture showrooms and low price point storefronts. Now the neighborhood is becoming a local mecca for creative and luxury retailers. Cartier, Emilio Pucci, Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton all have set up shop in this area.

According to The New York Times, many of these luxury stores originally chose to operate out of Bal Harbour. However, the recent influx of affluent foreign residents in the Design District have made room for a more creative center of high-priced retailers and interior design showrooms.

The Design District's growth spurs the need for business furniture that is appropriate for the type of customer experience each company is trying to create.

Traditional desks

Traditional workstations are made from quality materials and are often used by professional firms. These desks can be constructed from solid wood with decorative picture frame molding and plated brass details. However, there are numerous additional styles available, so you can find the one that fits your company culture. This option is perfect for front-of-the-house workstations that customers visit to finalize business deals.

Conference tables

Sometimes design center showrooms need space to present to a client purchasing a large amount of inventory. A conference table is the perfect surface to seat multiple people comfortably. To ensure a high level of professionalism, pick up a model with a strong, durable surface with modern features. For technology-based presentations, choose a table with power modules to connect laptops.

Executive chairs

The seating choice you make for your meeting room should be of professional quality, with either ergonomic features or a plush construction.

Mesh - If you are looking for a streamlined option, opt for mesh chairs. These chairs have adjustable head and back rests. Additionally, the height can be changed to ensure comfort.

Leather - Leather is a professional quality material that makes for a smooth sitting experience. Many of these chairs also have ergonomic features like adjustable height levers.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Furnishing new retail office space in Miami's Midtown neighborhood

Miami's commercial real estate market is seeing the rebound of the economy firsthand. In recent years, developers have flooded the area to build new retail properties in previously dormant areas. Namely, the city's Midtown neighborhood has seen an uptick in development, particularly by New York-based firms.

Midtown is near the coast and is surrounded by artsy districts. The influx of urban infrastructure has taken the form of big-box retailers with built-in residential elements. Additionally, the preference for suburban real estate is seeing a change with people choosing to moving back into urban districts. 

Retail office space that supports the new commercial entities must be furnished properly. In order for any office space to thrive, it needs to have a good layout with supporting materials. Here is what makes up smart office design:

There are many components that make up the administrative wing of a large-scale retail establishment. Hence, the furniture should be catered to each member of the team.

Customer service - Many large retailers have customer service bays in their offices. Office workstations are the best choice for these employees because they can fit numerous people in a small space. Additionally, each employee will have ample room to take calls, answer emails or chat with customers in person.

Managers - Managers run the operations of the retail establishment, yet they also have administrative work to complete. This can include entering in payroll numbers or requesting new merchandise. A contemporary workstation with filing cabinets will help keep things organized. Also, there should be ergonomic seating and a task chair for guests.

Regional director - Regional managers oversee multiple offices in a city or state, but they need a place to work when not on the road. A large traditional desk with matching storage would be best for this workload. Additionally, an ergonomic chair is needed to provided comfort.

Other types of furniture

When an office is located in a city center, it's often the destination for quarterly, budgetary and other types of meetings. It's necessary to dedicate an entire room to host these conferences. A large table with plush chairs is the foundation of the room. However, it's important to have a wide monitor, microphones and a web-enabled camera to facilitate meetings with people across the country as well.

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