Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bitcoin conference coming to Miami

Miami is home to many banks, and the financial professionals based in the South Floridian metropolis conduct a lot of work with international entities. The coastal city is seeking to diversify it's financial market by hosting the North American Bitcoin Conference in late January at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Bitcoin is a new form of tender that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without the use of a central authority or bank. Additionally, the backbone of the system is open-source, so no one owns the rights to design or control Bitcoin.

According to the Miami Herald, the upcoming conference will provide workshops to merchants interested in utilizing this e-currency. Additionally, Bitcoin startups, vendors and exhibitors are set to showcase their innovations with attendees. The conference will also host paneled discussions led by banks, regulators and government officials.

Business potential

With the very face of money changing, there is a wealth of potential business ventures available for entrepreneurs. Early adopters may gain leverage in a marketplace that has many barriers to entry.

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