Monday, January 13, 2014

Brickell's skyline to look very different in 2020

Miami's skyline around the Brickell neighborhood is projected to look very different by 2020. Brickell Magazine created a mock up of how the coastal area will appear when many of the in-progress construction projects have been completed.

The skyscrapers represent the influx of development into the neighborhood. Each structure differs in size and use, with buildings ranging from office to residential spaces. Le Parc is one of the buildings highlighted by the magazine, and will be 12 floors tall and have 128 residential units. The Brickell House with have 346 stories with 374 condos. Larger structures include Panorama Tower, a building that will be up to 85 floors tall.

These new office spaces increase the need for quality business furniture. Each company will have different needs when it comes to office workstations. Here are a few examples:

Call centers - Cubicles come in many shapes and sizes. Call centers can benefit from partitions between each employee to combat noise, particularly since each worker is on the phone for a large part of the day. To save money, employers should seek out used office workstations. They are comparable in quality to newer units and could be purchased in large lots.

Graphic design - These creative professionals need a large workstation but not much privacy. This is because they benefit from collaboration to provide inspiration. A grouped set of benching workstations would be a great option in this type of workplace.

Journalists - In new media, the bulk of the work is completed using online platforms. Employers tend to set up these professionals in long rows of benching workstations. An ergonomic chair is a necessity for this type of worker because the person is seated for extended periods of time. This chair not only provides comfort for the user, it also helps limit neck and back strains.

Information technology (IT) - Any Web-based business needs a group of IT professionals. Some hire these people for in-house work and others use third-party sources. In addition to wide workstations these workers may require extended monitor arms for their displays. Some of these firms have large server rooms that need standing wall stations so the employees can access documents while in that space. For conference rooms, there needs to be a range of audio-visual support materials like monitor and cabinet mounts.

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