Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cloud computing seminars aimed at growing small businesses

This January, the city of Miami hosted an event called ITEXPO at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The three-day expo focused on cloud computing, and was meant to help grow small- and medium-sized businesses, according to the South Florida Business Review. Local participating companies include Miami's Children's Hospital, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Barry University and the Miami Dolphins.

Cloud computing allows businesses to access data remotely. Internet applications help business professionals stay competitive in the growing technological marketplace. This, in turn, helps companies reduce their overhead, as they may no longer need in-house IT departments. Instead, businesses can work with third party support companies when needed and use cloud computing for their daily activities. 

With the reduction of overhead, small- and medium-sized businesses can invest back in their employees. Depending on the type of business, the employers can do many things to help the company grow. For example, a graphic design firm can revamp the office space to make it more collaboration-friendly. This can be accomplished with the addition of benching office workstations and an ergonomic chair at each desk. Additionally, conference rooms can be redesigned to support brainstorming and creativity by painting the walls or bringing in framed art.

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