Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Creating welcoming, healing spaces in South Florida hospitals

Many people that live in the South Florida region will say that they have some of the best health care services available anywhere in the world. The University of Miami Hospital, Baptist Hospital in Miami and Mount Sinai Medical Center are just a few of the nationally ranked facilities in South Florida that feature some of the best health care services in America. Here are some ways that these hospitals are creating welcoming environments that help the healing process.

Mobile app-controlled patient rooms

In the past, people would arrive at hospitals and staff would then administer care. Today, hospitals strive to make patients more comfortable and even accountable for their own care. MyKaiser is a mobile application from Gresham, Smith and Partners. It acts as a room control interface and communication tool that patients can use throughout their stay at a hospital. The app allows patients to adjust room temperature, switch television channels and even change the artwork on an interactive LED display.

Digital imaging wall coverings

There are some hospital rooms that have no windows. Images of natural settings or fractal patterns can help lower patients' blood pressure and level of anxiety. Some companies have created ways to combine architecture and healing. Maharam Digital Products produces large-scale prints and wall installations for multiple hospitals. These coverings feature latex-reinforced polymers that create vibrant abstract patterns or natural scenes from world-renowned artists, illustrators and photographers.

Magnetic markerglass

State-of-the-art health care designs foster patient involvement in their own healing process. There are some hospitals that create a space where doctors, staff, patients and visitors can congregate. Sofas, chairs and tables are strategically placed throughout public spaces. To add to the feeling of community, Skyline Designs developed Vitracolor Magnetic Markerglass walls. These surfaces allow clients and staff to write thoughtful messages and well-wishes with marking pens. Parts of the glass are magnetized so paper items can be hung as well.

Office furniture

With the highly advanced technology within these hospitals, it's easy to forget about filling your hospital offices with essential, sturdy and reliable office furniture. Staff and administrators can use custom office workstations that facilitate collaboration, encourage teamwork and increase the level of productivity. These workstations can also have ergonomic chairs that provide comfort during working hours or break time. Department executives should install conference tables that can be used to conduct business meetings or discuss operational strategies with a team.

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