Saturday, January 4, 2014

Design District to get a new showroom

Miami's artsy Design District is slated to get a new showroom in 2015, according to the South Florida Business Journal. This Terra Group project will bring an additional 60,000 square feet of showroom space to the neighborhood, which is enough for eight to ten tenants.

The development will boast 12 floors and include 110 parking spaces. The building will be designed for mixed use, as the top levels will house residential units. Terra Group chose the Miami Beach-based Comras Company to market the building.

"The beauty of these urban revitalization projects is linkage and creating pedestrian flow from area to area and that is what this project has the potential to do," Comras told the source.

The developers saw a unique need for space devoted to home furniture retailers that have been ousted from their previous units to make space for luxury fashion houses. They would like to have some of those entities move into their second and third floors.

Showroom furniture

Desks - Showrooms have a unique need for office workstations. While they don't use desks in the same capacity as some office spaces, they still need to work efficiently. Many of these businesses operate in open layouts, which allows people to work as a team and collaborate easily. Bench workstations support this type of work best.

Conference tables - The Design District's showrooms will also have a need for conference tables. It's the perfect place to have brainstorming meetings, hold company presentations and conduct any other tasks that require that you work in a group. There is a variety of components to consider when selecting a table. You want a surface of the appropriate size and amenities to support your work. For example, if your presentations are conducted with the assistance of technology, you'll need hidden compartments in the table and/or outlets to power your computer or projector.

Ergonomic chairs - The chair you select depends on the type of work the user will perform. For example, if you are looking for seats for the conference room, task chairs or executive chairs would be great choices. However, for employee desks, ergonomic chairs are necessary to help limit workplace strains like back or wrist problems. They are available in a variety of styles, including those with neck and backrests.

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