Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Designing a creative workspace for a nonprofit office

Nonprofit offices are often very creative workplaces. The individuals involved with the organization must collaborate and come up with ways to fulfill their mission statement. So it's important for the workspace to support the tasks at hand.

Benching workstations

These office workstations allow people to be in close proximity to each other. This facilitates an open stream of communication between the employees. As an employer, you can choose from a variety of benching workstation setups. Some styles have desks grouped together where two or four employees can work in a section. Others have long rows of seats that are segmented for each worker.

Used office furniture

Second hand office furniture is a great option for nonprofit offices. When sourced from a reputable dealer, you can get top quality pieces to outfit your entire workspace at a fraction of the price. An ergonomic chair is an important and necessary purchase for an office space. You can get them for a discount and save room in your budget for other amenities or additional employees.

Lounge area

It's also important to create a lounge space for your workers. From time to time, people will need to take a break and unwind in a new environment. In other instances, your employees will use this space as an idea generation tool, once outfitted with colorful artwork and furniture. Be sure this space has plush chairs, comfortable sofas and multiple tables.

Conference room

If your company hosts lots of meeting, it is helpful to make sure the space supports creativity. Design the room with glass walls to help open up the space and let light inside. You can also add a whiteboard to provide a visual component to brainstorming sessions.


You should incorporate color into your the office space any chance you get. Instead of white walls, paint them in a pleasing color, like blue, purple or yellow. You might also consider placing pieces of art like framed paintings and sculptures around the office.


Greenery helps people think of nature and, in turn, gives them energy. So add a few indoor plants around the office. Additionally, you can place a few small pots on people's desks.


Take advantage of Miami's vibrant landscape and expansive coastlines by selecting an office with large windows. When natural light is allowed to shine throughout the office, people feel energized and their spirits are lifted.

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