Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Find inspiration for your home office from fashion designers

Aspiring fashion designers know that creating a space in your home can be an inspiring and worthwhile endeavor. There are many ways you can develop your custom office workstation to bring out your most creative and innovative designs. Here are some tips and ideas from the home offices of some of history's greatest designers.

Cristobal Balenciaga

The Spanish-born Balenciaga lived most of his life in France, but the passion and vigor that is characteristic of his homeland often appeared in his work environment. In his country home near Orleans, his office was adorned with artful objects made of bronze and other metals, and the walls were laced with intricate patterns. Balenciaga layered his floor with stylish and tasteful carpets that evoked an effortless beauty similar to his fashion design.

Geoffrey Beene

Art deco captured the imagination of a young Geoffrey Beene and influenced his work early on his career. The motif found its way into his home office as well, where he embraced the different compositions of shade and geometric lines that blended both masculine and feminine aesthetics. He enjoyed filling his office with deep upholstery and candy-bright orchids, which further inspired his fashion repertoire.

Reed Krakoff

The longtime president and executive creative director of Coach, Reed Krakoff spends hours amidst avant-garde contemporary art pieces and classical French art. He surrounds himself with beautiful and visually stunning pieces to stimulate his creativity. Krakoff fills his sizeable office with works from every medium: carbon-fiber and steel sculptures, black monochrome paintings and enormous vibrant photographs. However, it is not the visual beauty of the pieces catches Krakoff's eye and drives him to create. He is inspired by the artists' approach to the creative process and how a particular piece was crafted from the beginning concept to the final product. He attributes a lot of the aesthetic of his designs to the creative dynamic that exists in his office, where people see two seemingly unrelated objects existing in a space in perfect harmony.

Tips for developing a fashion designer-inspired workspace 

Many up-and-coming designers will not have the home office space of these fashion veterans, but there are ways to emulate their style. Ergonomic chairs can be modified to take on an industrial or raw look. Custom office workstations can be adorned with inspiring quotes and images. The reason these world-renowned designers surround themselves with beautiful artifacts is not for admiration, but for inspiration and a different way to see beauty 

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