Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to minimize shrinkage with organized warehouse management

Shrinkage is a problem many retail establishments face. However, if you have an organized storage system you can lower shrinkage caused by lost goods and documentation problems.

Computerize your inventory system

With the wealth of computer-based inventory applications available, keeping paper records may seem increasingly antiquated. With the help of technology, you have an easy way of checking how many goods you have on hand and seeing if that number correlates with what was bought and sold. Additionally, you won't need to deal with human error accounting problems.

Smart filing system

Eliminate paperwork issues with a smart storage system. Purchase a variety of horizontal and vertical filing cabinets to house all of your important documents. You may even want to dedicate an entire room to storage for security reasons.

Ergonomic seating

Employees should also have an ergonomic chair that supports the back and neck. Though the correlation may be less obvious, employees that feel energized throughout the day are less likely to make mistakes or oversights that may lead to shrinkage, such as misplacing a piece of inventory.

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