Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to set up a beauty salon in Miami

Owning and operating a beauty salon in Miami is a fun and rewarding. Many residents love to get their hair styled and be pampered with manicures and pedicures. If you provide excellent service, are customer-friendly and professional, your beauty salon can succeed. These are the steps you will need to take to set up a your beauty business in Miami.

Find capital

Visit a local banking institution or credit union and see what type of financing is available. A representative will usually have all the information necessary for you to determine if you are eligible for a business loan. Before you speak with a representative, figure out the amount of money you will need to initially run your salon. Consider monthly expenses like rent, licensing, payroll and supplies. Determine how much services like hair cuts, coloring and manicures will cost. Try to be as accurate as possible so your loan covers most of the operational costs.

Get a business license

You will need to do research and complete all the necessary paperwork to set up a salon. Begin with state and local departments like the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. A state application has to be submitted for a change of location, name and ownership. These changes will void any previous licenses connected to the salon. You will need to ensure that your business complies with all sanitary and safety requirements. Expect a state representative to come in and inspect the condition of the building, supplies and other features of your business. Make sure you are able to pay all application fees associated with the licensure process.

Choose a location

A real estate agent that comes with recommendations can be a great asset while you try to find the perfect location for your salon. Determine if it is within your budget to own the space outright or if it makes better business sense to lease.


After you've set up the location, acquired all the necessary paperwork and passed all the safety and sanitary assessments, you can start filling your salon with appropriate furniture. Nail technicians can use standard office workstations to set up their polishes, cleaning agents and tools, and ergonomic chairs will keep them comfortable while working with clients. Once you build a team of hair stylists, cosmetologists and other professionals, consider acquiring a conference table where you can discuss business strategies and policies. 

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