Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Miami's Lehman Subaru plans new showroom

There is good new for Subaru fans in Miami. The Lehman dealership has recently announced plans for the construction of a new showroom facility. After reporting strong sales and record growth in 2013, the franchise had decided to expand.

"This is long overdue but we are very excited about this new showroom and the opportunity for continued investment in our local community," David Smith, general manager of Lehman Subaru, said in a statement.

The addition of a new showroom space means the company will have to purchase new office furniture. Many dealerships opt for standalone stations to provide an open workspace for sales professionals and customers. Used office furniture would be appropriate in this case, because these quality desks are typically on par with many new types of equipment if sourced from a reputable dealer.

It's also important to outfit each office workstation with an ergonomic chair. This allows each employee to sit at their desk for extended periods of time without developing neck or back strains. Additionally, these seats have been known to help limit carpal tunnel issues when the user adjusts the chair to their appropriate height and angle of posture.

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