Friday, January 10, 2014

Miami real estate outlook for 2014

Miami has a positive real estate outlook for 2014. If you look around the urban center of the city you'll see multiple cranes erected to support a variety of development projects.

Lynda Fernandez of the Miami Association of Realtors was featured on WPLG-Miami and revealed that 65 percent of the city's real estate market transactions are cash sales. This is because there are many buyers from Latin America who are used to paying up front for their properties. Additionally, there is increased competition from banks who are looking to finance the top projects in the city.

These new developments in the downtown area and other places in Miami's submarket make up commercial and residential projects. In the former, it's important for employers to furnish their new space in an economical way. Benching office workstations help save space while allowing for open layouts and collaboration, two trends that are shaping the modern workplace.

Additionally, it is important for all desks to come complete with ergonomic chairs that are designed to support those who sit for a long period of time. This is accomplished by the adjustable parts of the unit, such as the neck and backrests. These seats have been known to help limit neck and back strains while reducing carpal tunnel issues.

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