Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Office inspiration from South Florida entrepreneurs

The South Florida business community is booming with innovation and startup enterprises. The entrepreneurial spirit thrives here partly because of the numerous opportunities available for people who want to work for themselves. Men and women begin in simple office workstations and go on to create successful companies. In addition to being a region full of entrepreneurs, the people in South Florida come from many different ethnicities and cultures and have a wide variety of interests that caters to small businesses. Here are some inspirational stories of entrepreneurs making it in South Florida: 

Gun Girls Inc. - Boca Raton resident Susan Kushlin loves creating fashionable clothing and accessories. She is also passionate about her guns. She put the two loves in her life together to create a women's fashion line that is affordable, stylish and fun for firearm enthusiasts. Bullet bracelets, belts, and gun-range worthy jeans and shirts are all a part of her business, Gun Girls Inc.

Periodic Products - Before his biotech company became known for its green policies, Joseph Laurino was working as a medical device inventor and teaching chemistry at multiple universities. Today, Laurino's business, Periodic Products, operates in Fort Lauderdale and develops environmentally-friendly pool cleaning supplies. The company's first product, CuLator, was named one of the top 50 products of 2012 by Pool & Spa News.

SecondOpinons.com - Another Fort Lauderdale resident, radiologist Michael Yuz, founded a medical consultation service that connects board-certified physicians to patients that are seeking alternative medical diagnoses. People across the country use his services to get in touch with world-class doctors and receive expert analysis of test results. The combined knowledge of dozens of physicians is just a few touches on a computer keyboard away.

Ankit - Ankit Jain's company has been in business for only three years. But now Ankit has become a successful headphone and iPhone case supplier to more than 5,000 retailers including Forever 21, Hot Topic and Wet Seal. Jain sold almost one million units in 2013 and projects sales to double in 2014.

All these people had the entrepreneurial spirit . Another thing they all have in common is the need for office furniture. Startups and small business need to save money when launching their enterprise, but also have to ensure professionalism and comfort for employees. Conference tables are necessary for strategic team meetings. Custom office workstations and ergonomic chairs are also essential to office productivity.

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