Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PayPal sponsors tech meetup in Wynwood Arts District

PayPal is sponsoring a monthly tech meetup called The Commerce Factory, according to the South Florida Business Review. The events will take place at The LAB Miami in the Wynwood Arts District, which is home to a variety of showrooms and gallery space.

The first event was hosted by Vaughn Shinall of tech firm Temboo. He talked about the emerging electronic circuit board technology Arduino.

The LAB Miami is a shared workspace that hosts workshops for entrepreneurs and other business-minded people. Co-working spaces like this often have an open layout floor plan, with different working environments scattered throughout the space. For example, one part of the office might have benching office workstations for independent work and another will have a cafe-inspired lounge area. This helps the range of business professionals get their work done in a way that adapts to their personal preferences.

Additionally, the shared workspaces are equipped with Wi-Fi and some even have conference tables for meetings. It's also important for each workstation to have ergonomic chairs so each person is comfortable and has a seat that supports good posture.

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