Friday, January 17, 2014

Should real estate agents open an office or work from home?

With Miami's real estate market booming, agents will have their hands full this year. As realtors look to the future, some are rethinking their workplace setup, and a question is being posed: Should I work from home or the office?

Realtors are finding that traditional office layouts are good in some situations and unnecessary in others. It's best to ask yourself a few questions to determine whether or not an office is best for your firm or for you as an individual.

Is your overhead high?

Many large companies are reducing the size of their workplaces because of the high overhead expenses it takes to operate a full size office. Many real estate agents work primarily in the field, so their desks aren't always being used. Additionally, you can reduce the cost of fuel reimbursement by allowing your agents to work out of the office.

Do you have a large conference room?

One of the objections to eliminating a traditional office space is that it limits human interaction. One way to overcome this challenge is to have a place where agents can mix and mingle as they please, like an open conference room. Just equip the space with a large table and plenty of task chairs. Additionally, the lounge area is a good place for your agents to meet and connect.

Do you meet many clients in the office?

Another question deals with whether or not you see the bulk of your clients in the office. People expect a certain level of professionalism, so meeting in a cafe or at your home could potentially turn away some homebuyers. If the success of your business is contingent on having a centrally located place to work, then stick to your office workstation.

In contrast, some agents meet clients at their home or outside the office anyway, and continuing to do so won't impact their business. In that case, set up a home-based workspace. 

Do you have room for a home office?

Ask yourself if you have ample room for a home office. The most ideal situation is dedicating an entire room to your business. But not everyone has the necessary space to make that a reality. Instead, carve out a corner in your home to put a desk and an ergonomic chair, and work from home part time to see if the setup works for you. When shopping, opt for used office furniture because it allows you to save money.

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