Monday, January 27, 2014

Team building advice from a professional

In the modern workplace, it is not enough to have skilled employees - How the employees interact with each other to support the company as a whole is just as important. Founder and chief executive officer of Optime Consulting Maria Merce Martin wrote an article in the South Florida Business Journal revealing how she engages her team.

"Our team is where computer science expertise, sales, marketing, creativity, and passion join in web development, graphic design and automated marketing solutions that show measurable return on investment," Martin wrote in the South Florida Business Review. "Employee engagement hugely impacts this success, but it wasn't created overnight."

She offers up a few strategies to help with team building:

Company mantra

On face value, a company mantra may seem old-fashioned and forced. You put some thought into your messaging, however, you can find a phrase that will really support the team. Martin reveals her company's mantra as "We Love Details." This helps employees remember to focus on the small parts of the business as well as the large.

Training tools

It's also important to invest in people by offering them training tools. Whether it is something that will help them get better at a specific skill or to line their resume, you should offer periodic workshops or seminars. It helps improve employee morale if they feel like they are an asset to the team because they learned a new skill. The example Martin gives is a creative one. Since her company recently launched a Brazil branch, she offered in-house Portuguese lessons so employees can learn the new language together. This, in turn, helped her team connect with each other because of the shared experience.

Creative environment

To support teamwork and creativity you should have an organized and open office space. This starts with benching office workstations that let employees interact with each other. Additionally, there should be supportive seating options like ergonomic chairs at each desk. These seats are not only comfortable, they adjust to the height and posture of each user to help limit neck and back strains.

Technological resources

Be sure your workspace is equipped with the latest technology. This not only supports the workers, it lets them excel to the best of their abilities. For example, if you provide your team of mobile workers with tablet devices they will be able to interact with each other while completing their work on the go.

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