Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tech firm chooses Wynwood for relocation destination

Wynwood is Miami's art district, so you may not think of it as a place for budding tech firms. However, the neighborhood is proving to be a desirable spot for companies that want to capitalize on the area's artsy vibe.

According to the South Florida Business Review, YellowPepper is moving its headquarters from Aventura to Wynwood. The mobile banking firm is also expanding by hiring 10 additional software developers.

"Wynwood is becoming the hub for creativity and tech development in Miami," Alberto Bonetti, chief operating officer at YellowPepper, told the source. "It has a really creative vibe there, and we want [the new hires] to capture that and interact with that."

Tech companies often stick to contemporary models when designing office spaces. They like to think outside of the book to offer their employees a creative place to work. Additionally, these firms often have open layouts, which allow for collaboration between employees and different departments.

Business furniture

Benching workstations - These workstations support open space environments. They can be customized to fit the needs of the office and each employee. For example, workers can sit side-by-side in a long row of desks, or enjoy more space in grouped workstations.

Ergonomic chairs - No matter how contemporary you would like your office design to be, it's important for there to be an ample amount of ergonomic chairs. These seats have adjustable backrests and neck rests. They allow each user to alter the unit to the most comfortable sitting position. Additionally, these seats have been known to limit workplace strains, including carpal tunnel issues.

Conference tables - It's important for creative companies to have a conference room. This space is not only for meetings, it should also serve as an idea generation center. It's helpful if the room is equipped with a large working surface and plush guest chairs. Also, white boards can help team members visualize the ideas of others.

Accessories - There is a variety of fixtures that can help people work more efficiently. For example, table lamps are great for providing just the right amount of light that won't interfere with other employees. Also, keyboard systems help provide a comfortable typing surface for those who use the computer for extended periods of time. Laptop stands help raise the screen to the right height.

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